7 tips for big city dogs

Cars, bicycles and crowds of pedestrians are a great challenge for four-legged friends and people. These 7 tips will make your life as a dog owner in the city easier.

1. The tiresome ordinances

All municipalities, free cities and municipalities can issue their own ordinances, which you should absolutely know and observe if you want to save yourself a fine. In some cities there is a general leash obligation, in others only in the city center, in the pedestrian zones or at events. You can find out about the city’s laws at the public order offices.

2. Uninvited companions

Dog scramble prevails in the big cities. Perhaps not everywhere at the same time, but the parks with open-air zones and the green strips in front of the houses are very popular with dogs and owners. But with the leftovers (even if they are carefully disposed of) worm eggs and contagious germs appear. And ticks find ideal conditions there for new hosts. City dogs should therefore be vaccinated and protected against parasites even more than the dogs in the country. A wormer treatment is recommended every three months.

There are often lots of dogs in the parks. ©

3. Sidewalk training for two

We and the dog learn to stop at every roadside and every traffic light in the basic course at the dog school. But who will consistently stand still later if there is no traffic to be noticed far and wide? You should do it for the dog’s sake, because he cannot understand exceptions to the rule.

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And if the ritual “Stand still until the go comes” doesn’t work, the temptation is great that the barking conspecific on the other side results in a lightning-fast advance in its direction – in the worst case one step too much onto the street.

4. No slalom through legs

Oncoming passers-by, skaters on the sidewalk, overtaking joggers and children playing – all of this is stressful for any dog ​​that has to fight its way through the crowd. In such walks it is good to lead the dog on the side facing away from the street and to keep the leash short. This gives him security and keeps the stress level at a bearable level.

5. Invisible poisons

Particulate matter not only troubles us humans, dogs also suffer from it. Especially in the long-nosed specimens, the microscopic pollutants have a long way through the mucous membranes and irritate them. If possible, you should walk through or bypass the main roads as quickly as possible. The poisons on the green plants, which city dogs like to nibble on, are also invisible. As pretty as the herbs, grasses and flowers may look – countless pollutants adhere to them.

Better to walk away from the noise of the car. © Africa

6. Do I have to stay outside?

Citydogs should learn from the start to stay home alone. Taking them with you when shopping is not a good idea, because many shops are not allowed to take them with you and public buildings are also taboo for four-legged friends. Of course, you can tie your dog outside or have him wait in the car on cloudy, rainy days. But there is a high risk that he gets into a clinch with another dog or his barking makes the car shake.

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7. Happiness in the countryside

Once a day, the city dog ​​should also be allowed to run around extensively, breathe natural smells and enjoy a bit of nature. No stroll in the city, however long, can satisfy him as free encounters with conspecifics, a race with oneself, digging in a mouse hole or wallowing in a meadow.

There is also a park, a forest, a river or a lake somewhere near you, where this is possible. If you don’t know, ask other dog owners. And: Pass your insider tip on to masters whose dogs have not yet got to know happiness in the countryside.

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