About us

Site created for all dog lovers.

Here I publish articles about different breeds of dogs, about how to educate them, what diseases are, their symptoms and methods of treatment (all information is taken from open sources). How to choose a pet just for yourself – by character, by lifestyle. You can send your comments, wishes, what information you would like to see on the site.

I want to tell you a little why I decided to write about dogs. For a long time, I thought about the topic of the blog. I myself don’t have a dog right now. But my daughter already has 2 dogs. Big and funny. Yes, and friends. Maybe I’m not the best dog expert, but I read a lot on this topic and have old experience. I am perfectly aware that there are a lot of large, good resources on dog topics and I do not pretend here to be a pro on the Internet in dog breeding. But I want to write about something, about light, that brings joy to our life. And what is interesting to me myself.