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Alapakh Bulldog


The Alapakh Bulldog is a rare breed, but very colorful. The history of these beautiful animals is no less colorful. It all started when a Rebecca, Georgia farmer named Buck Lane decided to restore the Southern Planter Bulldogs. His farm was located near the Alapaho River – that’s how these bulldogs got their name.

For these purposes, he began a breeding program, however, over time, he added other breeds there. Buck Lane’s granddaughter, Lana Lou Lane, recalled that their old dog had been on the farm “for as long as she can remember,” and his name was Otto. Subsequently, the alapakha bulldog never got rid of his nickname – “Otto Bulldog”.

It is believed that the breeding program started in the early 20th century, although strictly speaking this is not entirely true. In order to achieve the best results in obtaining a dog with excellent external characteristics and internal qualities, the program has been added:

  • white English Bulldogs, who arrived in the United States in the 18th century;
  • Catahoulas leopard dog;
  • colby pit bull terriers;
  • now extinct mountain bulldog.

Thus, it was possible not only to get rid of some of the unfavorable traits of the English Bulldogs, improving the characteristics of the breed as a whole, but also to significantly increase the number of individuals. In 1943, Buck Lane was hit by a train and killed. His old dog came to the owner’s grave almost every day and spent some time there. Today, the number of the breed has decreased to 150 individuals (worldwide), which causes serious concerns for dog handlers. In the past few years, American dog breeders have been trying to increase the population of the Alapaha breed.

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They are stocky, athletic dogs, very muscular, with a pronounced chest and abdominal cavity. The limbs are well proportioned and well muscled. The head is broad, with a slightly elongated muzzle and drooping ears. The tail and ears are not docked. Bitches have an average weight of up to 35 kg, males up to 45-50 kg. Color: white, black, white-marble, dark yellow, spotted, reddish-brown.


The Alapakh Bulldog is a very smart, independent and loyal dog. In addition, this breed has an incredibly positive and friendly nature, which directly affects the perception of the world and daily behavior. On the one hand, alapaha can be very determined, on the other, he loves to be in the spotlight, loves to be funny, playful and, in general, the best dog in the world.

Alapaha may be a little stubborn, but overall he is very loyal. He is well aware of his place in the family (pack), and can try to take the place of the leader, therefore, it is necessary to show the dog its place from an early age. But – with kindness and patience, not forgetting about wisdom. She has a wonderful attitude towards children, thanks to her sense of responsibility, great dedication and developed intellect, she can sometimes be in the role of a nanny for a child. But it cannot be said that this is the vocation of the breed.

It copes well with watchdog functions, there are usually no problems in training. Alapaha perceives strangers neutrally, but always monitors the behavior of the owner and his attitude towards the person. If the dog defends its territory, then strangers will be perceived as hostile.

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They perfectly adapt to living conditions, they do not perceive loneliness very well, but they can be alone for some time during the day. Need exercise, long walks and mental stimulation.

Common diseases

They do not drool and do not have trouble breathing, unlike the English Bulldogs. Health data is scarce due to the breed’s paucity.