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Alternative healing methods for the dog

Gentle healing with Bach flowers

Bach flowers can gently help a sick dog. This flower therapy, named after the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach (1886–1936), mainly helps with mental health problems. 38 single remedies from certain wild flowers, bushes and trees are used, which have to be diluted before administration.

The examination at the vet still has to be

In the case of any behavioral disorder, it is very important to first have the animal thoroughly examined by a veterinarian in order to rule out physical complaints that can also trigger changes in behavior. The environment and posture must also be carefully examined and deficiencies eliminated so that the Bach flower therapy can be used sensibly. Often the behavior of the animal reflects the state of mind of “his” human being, who of course should also bring his own soul life into balance.

The dog’s condition must be checked regularly

Many veterinarians also work with alternative healing methods and should definitely be consulted if there are behavioral problems. Together with the owner, the basic psychological image of the animal is determined and then the corresponding flowers are selected. Dosage and duration of treatment depend on the respective condition, which should be checked at regular intervals.

Bach flowers do not work miracles

Of course, one shouldn’t expect miracles from this healing method. A shy, fearful dog will not develop into a self-confident, watchdog, but at least Bach flowers can help animals (and people too, by the way) to regain their mental and physical balance.

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