American Foxhound


The American Foxhound is a dog breed that originated in America, but originates from British relatives. In the 17th, when the first settlers from England arrived in the future United States, they brought Foxhounds with them. In particular, a large consignment of dogs was delivered by Robert Brooke in 1650.

Subsequently, the settlers wanted to improve the breed, make it taller, stronger and more resilient. A great breed enthusiast and one of the first American breeders was George Washington himself, who actively experimented with other breeds. He kept a flock of Foxhounds at Mount Vernon and crossed them with French hounds donated by the Marquis de Lafayette, a friend of Washington, a wealthy Frenchman, an ally who fought him in the American Revolutionary War.

Also, Washington crossed with British hounds, Irish hounds. In addition, Kerry Beagle took part in the formation of the American Foxhound. There are four types of American Foxhounds these days:

  • field, known for their speed and competitive spirit;
  • “Slow”, used for hunting foxes on foot;
  • track dogs – they are used for racing or hunting, using artificial bait instead of real prey;
  • and the school hound, used by hunters on horseback, in a pack of 15-20 individuals.

It is the oldest of all American hounds and is believed to have fully formed in the 18th century. These dogs are mainly used in America by enthusiastic hunters, often for collective fox hunting. Little is known outside the country. Since 1966 it has been officially accepted as the symbol of the state of Virginia.

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The American Foxhound is an athletic dog with elongated limbs and a rectangular muzzle. Hanging ears. The tail is medium, the coat is short.


The personality can be different, depending on the conditions in which the dog was brought up. For example, if the American Foxhound from an early age was mainly in the circle of his own kind, that is, he grew up in a pack of dogs, his character will be difficult for a harmonious family life. And, on the contrary, if the dog grew and developed with people, then it will be difficult for her to adapt to a full life in the pack, since these are two completely different habitats from each other.

If, for example, we take pets that grow with people, we can note their affectionate and very kind character, great devotion to their family and great love for each of its members, regardless of age. Such dogs are friendly towards even strangers, do not show aggression, but differ in independence and can sometimes be stubborn. This is due to the fact that during the hunt, dogs are often far from the owner, and must make decisions on their own.

They have a high level of energy, need long walks and various types of activity, otherwise the dog can become destructive or, on the contrary, lethargic and depressed. They are quick-witted, smart, understand a person perfectly. They are not suitable for performing watchdog functions. The American Foxhound has strong hunting instincts, any small animals for him, including cats, and sometimes even small dogs, are potential prey. Cohabitation with small dogs, cats, must be taught from an early age.

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They have a wonderful scent and, in general, an excellent flair. Children are perceived positively, without aggression. If the dog grew up in a pack, its social skills will be much less, it will treat people with distrust, and be less affectionate and open animals, and, accordingly, less harmoniously treat children.

Common diseases

The American Foxhound breed is prone to the following diseases:

  • thrombocytopathy;
  • cricoid-pharyngeal dysphagia;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • deafness;
  • Pelger-Huet anomaly;
  • heterochromia;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • congenital diaphragmatic hernia;
  • dysplasia of the hip joint;
  • osteocondritis of the spine.

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