Australian shepherd

general characteristics

These dogs have a wonderful character! They are very calm and level-headed. They behave with restraint and caution with strangers, but they never show shyness or aggression. Agile, curious, full of enthusiasm and love of life, they are certainly not couch potatoes. However, sometimes they like to be house dogs, curled up at your feet or dozing with their heads in your lap. Australian Shepherds are very dedicated to their family and will never change that friendship. In addition, they absorb all information surprisingly quickly, and therefore are quite easy to train. Early lessons with the puppy are encouraged.


Every owner dreams of seeing his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
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Breed characteristics:

– Active, energetic and always ready for any adventure
– Compliant and hardy
– Easy to train

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Height: 47-60 cm
Age: about 13 years old
Weight: 22-30 kg

With other animals, the Australian Shepherd behaves with restraint, however, it is quite calm and even friendly towards those pets with which it is familiar from puppyhood.


Ideal for an active family ready to find work for their pet.

Hair care

Long hair should be brushed regularly (at least once a week). Bathe your dog only if it is heavily soiled or absolutely necessary.

Conditions of detention

This breed is suitable both for keeping in a city apartment and for suburban life. A large yard is not required, but daily and, if possible, long walks are a must.


Long and active walks are necessary, otherwise the pet will become restless and mischievous.

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