Balanced dog nutrition

Variety is important
Ear care of the dog

Balanced dog nutrition

Feeding the dog

Dogs are hunters. Their diet would look accordingly in the wild: not only the captured animals, but also their intestinal contents and, if necessary, plants, berries or fruits would be destroyed. “Basically, dogs need a balanced ratio of around 25 different nutrients and vital substances, in particular highly digestible protein for growth, muscles and metabolism as well as carbohydrates and fats as energy suppliers”, explain the nutrition experts from “Fressnapf”.

The right mix of feed is important

So that the dog’s body can actually utilize these substances, they must be included in the daily feed in the correct amount and mixture. If you want to prepare your animal’s meals yourself, you have to be very knowledgeable. Alternatively, a high-quality ready-made food is available that contains all the necessary components, including vitamins and minerals. Chocolate, sweets or leftovers from humans are taboo.

The dog’s needs change with age

In addition, the following applies: Since the nutritional needs of each animal are different depending on their age, you should use food that is specially tailored to the age of your animal. Illnesses, allergies or other circumstances sometimes require you to follow a specific nutrition plan – your veterinarian will advise you on this.

Variety puts a strain on the digestive system

Otherwise it is actually sufficient if you choose a high-quality type of feed. Well-intentioned variety can be more harmful: every change between feed types of different quality also puts a strain on the digestive system. If at all, the change should be made slowly, gradually adding the new feed to the old feed.

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