Basset griffon vendee


In fact, the name of the breed РBasset Vendian Griffon Рhas already included a description of the main distinguishing features, and the name of the area from which this dog comes. So. Basset (short) Griffon (wire-haired) Vend̩en (region of origin of the breed in France). This breed appeared in the 16th century, and was intended for hunting rabbits.

The characteristics of the dog are completely suitable for hunting in the area from which it comes – the western coast of France is quite rocky and uneven, and also covered with dense bushes and blackberries. Therefore, to hunt rabbits, you just need a dog that has a hard coat to resist blackberry thorns and branches, short legs to walk along the bottom of the bushes (where it is easiest to go), and sufficient endurance combined with agility.

These are the necessary qualities so that the dog can work on the rabbit for a long time without fatigue. By the way, the dwarf Basset Griffon Vandeen (it is slightly larger in size) is a different breed, they should not be confused, although they are close. Although, in fairness, we note that in France until 1950 they were considered two varieties of the same breed.

The Basset Vendian Griffon began exhibiting in Great Britain in the mid-19th century. Moreover, at first he was perceived by many as a kind of Basset Hound, and was even demonstrated with him in a pair, however, only over time, the public fully realized that these are two different breeds. The American Kennel Club recognized the Basset Vendian Griffin in 1990.

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They are stocky, small dogs, with a strong constitution and a voluminous chest. The limbs are short, the head is round, the muzzle is slightly flattened, with a mustache. Hanging ears. The tail is longer than average (in relation to the length of the limbs), the coat is of medium length, hard, curly.


The Basset Vendian Griffon breed has a very funny, cheerful disposition. These animals love their owners endlessly, are very loyal and show great love. Basically, now they are rarely used as hunting dogs, more often they are just a favorite companion and friend for each of the family members.

They love to play, have fun, and have an above average energy level, although this decreases accordingly over the years. Therefore, the dog needs to spend at least an hour a day on the street, moreover, it is advisable to take her in various active games. This is also important for the reason that, without activity, the pet can gain excess weight, and with its elongated back and short legs, this is highly undesirable.

The increased stress on the spine and joints will certainly cause disease over time. This breed treats people well in general, that is, it loves people and perceives them with friendliness. Even if this is a stranger, the dog will not show a negative attitude towards him or, even more so, aggression. Well, family friends should always be ready to pay a little attention to your dog if guests come to you, as he will certainly demand it.

Basset Vendian Griffon perceives children perfectly, and always willingly spends time with them, especially since it is always possible to play with children. The breed gets along with other animals without any problems, the only thing is that it is better to be friends with cats at an early age, but with small rodents, like guinea pigs, the dog may not make friends at all. All the same, in the past they were actively used for hunting.

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Common diseases

The Basset Vendian Griffon breed can have the following health problems:

  • recurrent ear infections;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • pain in the neck;
  • epilepsy;
  • a tendency to dislocate the hip;
  • back problems;

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