Beagle (English Beagle)

The Beagle is one of the most beloved and popular breeds in the world, especially in the United States. Cute, cheerful – they have all the signs of a real ideal home dog. They adore their owners, and they can make friends in just a couple of seconds.


Many dogs can be proud of their breed history, but how many can boast that their ancestors accompanied the Knights of the Round Table? Unfortunately, today it sounds more like a legend, since very little is known about the true origin of this breed. This breed was popular in the Middle Ages, during the Renaissance and even among the ancient Romans. These dogs are so old in origin that many facts of their history have long since sunk into Leta. Relatives of beagles are known only to beagles themselves. However, the history of the name of the breed is known – presumably it came from the Celtic word “big” or the French word “begel”, which means “small”.

The ancestors of beagles could have been hunting dogs, described by Xenophon in the 4th century BC. More reliable facts about the breed appeared closer to our time. It is known that in England during the reign of Elizabeth the First, and this is the end of the 16th century, there were small dogs at the court, according to the description, similar to beagles. There is a version that these dogs were brought to England by William the Conqueror in the 6th century. But only under Elizabeth the First the breed got its name – beagle and widespread.


The Beagle has the appearance of a strong, well-built, harmonious dog with a compact athletic build. The minimum height at the withers is 33 cm, the maximum is 40 cm. The head is sufficiently elongated and strong, without rough features. The muzzle is of a square type with drooping lips. The ears are long and rounded at the ends, drooping by about 17 cm, which helps to catch smells while moving and keep them on you. So the dog is better oriented in space.

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The neck is well developed, strong, allowing the nose to drop low to the ground. There is a slight dewlap, sloping shoulders, the limbs are dense and strong. The back is straight, the chest is lowered to the elbows, the loin is short, but proportional. The tail is strong and of moderate length, high, carried straight.

Beagles are easily recognized by their typical three-color coloration: white-black-brown. There should be a white mask on the muzzle as well as a white tip of the tail. The coat is short, dense, smooth.


Beagles are one of the loudest dogs, while their barking is not quite ordinary, but more like a cry mixed with howling. And this is facilitated by the special structure of the vocal cords. This allows dogs of this breed to create completely different three sounds. If a pet senses danger or is hunting, then its barking is similar to the usual sound of all other dogs. If the dog has sensed the trail or is already chasing prey, its barking is more mixed with howling. This is how the beagle informs the hunter about its find. Well, if a four-legged friend is bored or sad, he begins to howl with a slight “hooing”.

And beagles also have a very delicate nose, they can smell anything, even bedbugs in the house. There are more than 220 million receptors on its mucous membrane that not only perceive smells, but also remember them.


Beagles are all, without exception, brave and cheerful, active and cheerful. They have enough energy and determination in order to call themselves brave daredevils. They are also lively, temperamental, loving and nimble. There is neither aggressiveness nor timidity in their behavior. They easily communicate with their relatives and do not show leadership qualities.

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Many may say that the beagle is too stubborn, but this independence is just a bright trait of a good hunter and bloodhound.


This breed was bred to run in the fields and hunt rabbits. Do not forget that the beagle should not be kept in the apartment if your neighbors love silence. These are very loud dogs. As for the rest, not all beagles are nowadays used for hunting. Their wonderful character and attractive appearance won the love of many people far from hunting. They love children very much, so you can safely have families. He can become a tireless companion for children to play with, as well as a calm companion for the elderly.


The beagle has every reason to be considered a pet. He is short, short-haired, clean and kind. But, as with most hunting dogs, these pets need a lot of movement. And a small garden or area in the yard will not be enough for them. With them, you need to go out of town at the first convenient opportunity and take long walks every day.

In the house, dogs behave calmly and do not create problems if they throw out their energy in the street. You need to walk the dog only on a leash, otherwise, if the pet smells something, then it cannot be stopped.

Grooming the coat is the most common, but you will have to bathe more often than ordinary dogs. And you also need to pay attention to the correct diet, since beagles have a tendency to be overweight.

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Beagles are easy to train, but only until they sniff something interesting during the lesson. Start training your pet as early as possible and don’t stop. At a young age, it is very important not to allow the dog to get whatever it wants. It will become a habit, and then it will be a lot of trouble. It is important to build a clear hierarchical division in the family. If the owner copes with the role of leader, then there will be no problems with the beagle. To do this, you need to show the dog that you can be trusted, you are consistent, determined and confident in yourself. This breed is straightforward and believes that if it was allowed to do something once, then it can be done now always.


Snoopy is the favorite cartoon character of children around the world. As it turns out, this fictional dog was a beagle. Who does not know about Snoopy, recall that this is a funny hero of the series of animated comics by Charles M. Schultz. He created his beagle on October 4, 1950.

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