Beauceron (smooth-haired French shepherd)


The Beauceron is a long-standing herding breed that has been common in northern France for centuries. The first mention of these dogs dates back to the 16th century (this is a 1578 manuscript written by monks). In fact, they were widespread not only in the de Bos area, although the development of the breed is associated with it.

There is no reliable information about the origin of these dogs, however, it is believed that there are two versions. The first says that they descended naturally from wild wolves. In the process of evolution and domestication, the wild wolf became closer to humans, and then interbred freely, and sometimes purposefully, with other breeds that entered the region along with merchants.

Another version informs us that these are, possibly, the descendants of an ancient peat dog, which has now become extinct. Be that as it may, the ancestors of the modern Beauceron existed on the territory of France for a long time, and subsequently, as it was believed and is still considered by many to this day, not only the Beauceron, but also the long-haired Briard Sheepdog, came from them. Although the opinion about the direct relationship of these two breeds is disputed by many, given their obvious differences, on the other hand, there are some similarities, and one of the most characteristic is dewclaws with claws.

Throughout the known history of their existence, these dogs mainly performed the functions of grazing livestock, distinguished by their amazing endurance, intelligence, and the ability to manage large herds. Two or three dogs could cope with a couple of hundred heads of livestock, moving with them 60 or more kilometers a day without any problems. They not only managed cattle, but also protected their charges from wolves and other animals, being fearless and courageous.

In addition, in many yards they were used as versatile dogs that performed guard functions and generally helped their family with all that was in their power. Including, they accompanied the owner on a hunt, although, strictly speaking, this is not a hunting dog. Despite such a long history of life together with a person and clearly expressed features of the breed, the Beauceron received official recognition only in the 19th century.

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Abbot Rozier wrote an article on French herding dogs in 1809, where he clearly pointed out the differences and used the terms Berger de Brie and Berger de Beauce. The latter are just those dogs that are called beauceron today. In 1863, the breed received official status. Today, there are about 7000 of these animals all over the world, which is very few. Despite its small number, the breed is known not only in its homeland, but also throughout the world due to the fact that it was used as the basis for the creation of Doberman Pinschers.


Beauceron are large dogs up to 70 cm tall and weighing about 50 kg. The coat is short, smooth but harsh to the touch. However, these dogs cannot be called smooth-haired in the full sense. The physique is muscular, strong, the chest is voluminous, wide, the limbs are of medium length. Erect ears, tail slightly longer than average. The color is black with tan and pure black.


The Beauceron breed of dogs is a very loyal and good friend who can easily go with his owner even to the ends of the world. And it is not yet known which of them will get tired faster, since the endurance and strength of these animals have evolved for hundreds of years. They have a high level of energy, and need long walks, and, moreover, they are quite difficult to tire.

It is preferable for a dog to live on the street than in a city apartment. This is due to a genetic predisposition, since it is still a herding dog that has spent hundreds of years in the vast expanses and pastures of France. The Beauceron breed is friendly in nature, but prone to stubbornness and independence. It is also related to the past as a herding dog. But this does not mean at all that life with this pet will be a continuous struggle for you – it is not. It is quite possible to work with stubbornness, the main thing is not to try to over-obstinate and break the animal.

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Beauceron is an excellent watchdog, and this quality is naturally developed in him. He is vigilant, distrustful of strangers who try to enter the territory he protects, responsible and fearless. It is impossible to bribe him and it is extremely difficult to deceive him, because the intelligence of these dogs is at its best.

However, it is thanks to the intellect that the dog, so to speak, never makes hasty conclusions, and if the owner calms the animal and shows affection for the stranger, the dog follows his reaction. The dense coat of wool that can withstand not only cold but also rain is ideal for being outdoors all year round. Even a cold winter will not be an obstacle.

Despite their large physique, they mature and develop for a long time. Full maturation on the physical and mental level occurs up to three years, but these dogs also live for a long time – up to 15 years. Children are perceived well, with great kindness and compassion, especially if they are a child from their own family. However, you should teach your child the correct handling of the animal, and if he is under five years old, it is better not to leave him alone with the dog for a long time – just in case.

In any case, a properly educated Beauceron dog treats its loved ones with great love, devotion and affection, it is a wonderful friend for the whole family. By the way, these dogs normally perceive solitude for some time, provided that they have the opportunity to realize their energy. Otherwise, the character can become destructive. And upon returning home, one day you can expect a catastrophic mess.

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The Beauceron breed has a developed intellect and understands people perfectly, but, as we already mentioned, it matures for a long time, and therefore you should be tuned in to a long learning process. After all, the character of the dog will change as well, for a long time, and the complete assimilation of the commands will take some time.

Accordingly, you will also need twice as much patience, and forbid you to be an irritable, angry and rude master. From this, education will not only stop, but will also give the exact opposite effect, because the dog will become withdrawn, stubborn and will purposefully act in its own way. Better to win the favor of the animal with love, affection, kindness and wisdom.

In the process of training, be consistent, keep the regimen, make the activities interesting and active, do not let the dog get bored. Encouragement in various forms and a positive attitude are the keys to success. By the way, in the first two years it is recommended to do several short workouts (up to 20 minutes) during the day, and gradually increase the duration. This gives the best effect in memorizing commands. Also, be sure to use commands in your daily life and keep close contact with your pet.


The Beauceron breed needs to be combed out at least once a week, but it is better – 2. Bathing the dog is also required at least once a week, cutting its nails three times a month. The eyes are cleaned daily or as needed, the ears are cleaned 2-3 times a week.

Common diseases

The Beauceron is a healthy breed that rarely needs a veterinarian visit. However, these dogs may develop hip dysplasia, including the hereditary type.

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