Biewer Yorkshire Terrier (Biewer Yorkshire)


The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breed appeared quite recently – in the mid-late 80s of the last century, and immediately won the hearts of many people in its homeland, Germany. The name of the breed comes from the surname of the breeders who created this breed.

Werner and Gertrude Biver have been professionally breeding Yorkshire terriers for more than 20 years, and have had considerable success in their country and abroad. In the mid-80s, they found one of their dogs in the litter, puppies with white spots, which served as the starting point for creating a new breed. Although, let’s be frank – the Biewer Yorkie Terrier is the same Yorkshire Terrier, only with white spots. This is where the differences end.

In 1988, these pets were presented for the first time at a dog show in Wiesbaden, Germany. Then Werner Beaver called them “black and white York terriers”, although later the name changed. The first change happened, as it is believed, in the same 1988, when the husband of the famous German singer Margo Esken decided to surprise his wife with a very unusual gift.

Although, rather unusual was the form in which he decided to make a gift – on a large platter under the lid, during dinner the housekeeper brought in and put on the table a small puppy of a black and white Yorkie (then they still had such a name). This funny story says that Margo had a puppy associated with a ball of yarn, which she said with the phrase “a la Pom Pon” in French, which means “a ball of yarn”.

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The first official registration of the Biewer York Terrier breed went in 1989 in Germany at the ACH-LeV club. The first breed standard was signed by one of the creators, Werner Biver. The final standard was approved by Gertrude Biver in 2007.


They are small dogs with a thin build. The limbs are proportional to the body, the head is round, the muzzle is slightly flattened, the mustache is clearly visible, the ears are triangular, erect. The coat is long, the tail is short.


Biewer York Terrier is, first of all, a companion. It is in this capacity that this breed is appreciated by people all over the world, since their sweet, open and incredibly friendly nature is able to melt the ice in any human heart. In fact, the only useful function this pet can perform is to be your best and most loyal friend on earth.

Despite the prejudice, the breed has a fairly developed intellect, understands a person perfectly, recognizes various behavioral hints, intonations well, remembers basic commands. Some people go further in training and train the dog in more complex commands, making it a suitable companion for a person with a disability.

Although, there are limitations here – as a guide dog, for example, the Biewer Yorkie Terrier is not suitable due to its size and character. They have a large amount of internal energy, they like walks, active games, but heavy physical activity is not shown to them. Strangers are perceived normally, but sometimes they can bark at them. However, this quickly passes if the dog sees the owner’s disposition to the person, or hears the command.

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It is imperative to take care that the pet receives the correct upbringing, since many owners spoil their Yorkies, from which their character deteriorates, they become capricious and poorly controlled. Children are perceived well, they love to play with them, however, because of its size, the dog may suffer if the child is not taught to respect and care for the animal.

Common diseases

The Biewer York Terrier breed is prone to the following diseases:

  • open fontanelle;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • Calve-Perthes disease;
  • tracheal collapse;
  • violation of the change of teeth;
  • distichiasis.

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