Big Japanese dog (American Akita) / American Akita (Great Japanese Dog)

This is a fairly large spitz-like dog that was bred in the mountainous regions of northern Japan. However, thanks to the special love of the Americans, this breed has now spread throughout the world and received its official name – the American Akita. These dogs have great looks, versatile character and special mind.


At first glance, the American Akita and the Japanese Akita are two different breeds of dogs, but in fact, not quite so. After World War II, many soldiers of the American occupation forces returned home with adorable Japanese Akita dogs. In subsequent years, US dog breeders have improved and developed the breed already in accordance with their needs. So after a while, two types of breed began to be distinguished: the American larger and Japanese small light type. The history of the American breed is very closely related to the history of the Japanese Akita. And this is not surprising, because American dogs are the descendants of Japanese Akitas. Such dogs lived in the Land of the Rising Sun at least 5 thousand years ago. It is reliably known that as early as the 15th century, the ancestors of modern Akitas were actively bred for hunting. Today, the American subspecies is a separate breed that was registered with the American Kennel Club in October 1972.


The American Akita has a strong, almost square body, erect small dense ears and a tail, twisted into a tight ring. In terms of external parameters, these dogs are very similar to Laikas or Alaskan Malamutes. Akita of American selection is much larger than Japanese dogs, they have a height at the withers of over 70 centimeters. They also have a softer and fluffier coat. An important feature of the breed is a powerful triangular head with small eyes and wide-set ears. The neck is strong, rather short, muscular. The body is elongated, the back is straight, wide and deep chest. The limbs have strong bones and correct, straight set.

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The most varied color is allowed: from the darkest and blackest to light golden with a black mask. Also, according to the standard, white and piebald (uneven spots on the body) are allowed.


The American Akita, like its now distant relative, the Japanese Akita, is a strong brave dog with good hearing, eyesight and smell. This allows the animal to hunt even in deep snow. The Japanese call their dogs a true “treasure”. If we talk about the features of the American Akita, then first of all, it must be said that this breed is very self-sufficient. The dog is smart and cunning, kind and proud. Despite the appearance of a plush toy, these pets are very graceful, majestic and regally restrained.


Until the beginning of the 20th century, the Akita was a faithful companion of the samurai, thanks to which the breed received especially valuable character traits. American Akitas are very calm and balanced dogs. They are distinguished by a stable psyche and a kind disposition. An important feature is that they do not bark a lot and give sounds only as needed, that is, when the dog protects the owner or his property.

If you are going to have such a pet, be careful about your words and gestures. The fact is that Akitas are very vulnerable and touchy. If you punish them or scold them unfairly, the dog may even refuse to eat and walk with you.


Akita is an excellent guard dog, which is used both for the protection of the premises and the adjacent territories. At home, they are also appreciated for their good hunting qualities. For a long time, the American type of Akita was used for dog fighting, so their excellent physical hardening remains to this day. This dog is for active people, you need to walk and communicate with it a lot.

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Since the American Akita is a large and strong dog, it needs ample housing space. An ordinary city apartment is also suitable as a house, but in this case you need to walk a lot with the dog. Active walks and games should take at least two hours a day. If you have a private house, then the American Akita will feel great in the aviary.

As for the general care, the dogs are unpretentious, very clean, odorless and do not shed much. During the shedding period, it is enough just to regularly comb out the fallen wool to keep the house clean. The rest of the time, the dog does not need to be scratched often, as it has a smooth short coat.


If you live in a city, it is best to teach and train Akita from an early age. This is due to the rather proud and self-sufficient character of the dog. They also need early socialization. This is due to the fact that fighting blood flows in the American version of the Akita breed. There are frequent cases of attacks of these pets on other dogs. But such aggression is manifested in pets only exclusively in relation to animals. Akita people are very fond of and spend time with children with pleasure.

The American Akita is often called the “universal soldier”. This is due to the fact that the dog is very intelligent and can be trained in many “professions”. If you need a guard dog, the Akita will perfectly cope with the duties of a security guard, for hunters there will also be enough lessons, Akita is also well suited for official or search work.

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Like the Japanese Akita, the American breed is also considered a symbol of good health and longevity. That is why the eastern tradition of giving the image of this dog to sick people has spread throughout the world. In Japan, the Akita statuette is given necessarily at the birth of a child, as a talisman for health and well-being in life.

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