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Bitch has difficulty giving birth

Who gets sick?

Stress is one of the most common reasons for difficulties in childbirth. Therefore: When the bitch gives birth, calmness and patience are the first duty of the dog owner. Sick and exhausted bitches are often too weak to give birth. The puppies can also be too big for the birth canal.

How do you recognize it?

If you have a high fever, a foul-smelling discharge or if the bitch looks very exhausted, the vet should be informed immediately. Even if the bitch presses for more than an hour without the first puppy being born, or if there are more than 3-4 hours between the births of the last puppies, there may be birth difficulties.

What should I do?

It cannot be repeated often enough: stay calm! Before you pack your bitch in the car and drive to the vet, give him a call and explain the exact problem to him. Keep logs during the birth and carefully note the times. Because our sense of time is not reliable and in the excitement five minutes seem like an eternity. Only when the vet tells you to bring the bitch to him.

How can you prevent?

The bitch should receive veterinary care during pregnancy. You should find out about the normal course of labor beforehand.

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