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The Border Collie breed is one of the oldest in England. When man first decided to use dogs to help graze and guard livestock, these dogs were just the ancestors of modern border collies. In fact, they were not very different from the current representatives of the breed. Sizes have changed, perhaps modern dogs are more intelligent and better understand humans, but they still retain many of the characteristics of their older predecessors.

In those distant times, people largely relied on their smart and endlessly loyal dogs – they were entrusted with the protection of their homes, they spent time with the children, and of course, helped to guard and graze the herds. We can say that the breed developed in a natural way, since the harsh conditions of the ancient world demanded good endurance, courage, and obedience to its owner from the animal.

These herding dogs were considered extremely valuable, which is not surprising. They were sold quite expensively, and, moreover, the external characteristics could differ slightly depending on the region. Thus, separate varieties of the breed were formed, which gave the name of dependence on the area from which they came. In particular, these were Welsh Shepherds, Northern Shepherds, Mountain Collies and Scottish Collies.

The very name of the collie breed comes from the Scottish language, and therefore in other regions of England in ancient times they were called shepherds. This breed has existed for many centuries side by side with humans, and in 1860 was first shown at a dog show. This was the second dog show in the history of the country, and the Border Collie was noted there with special attention, as a native British breed.

A few years later, while on a trip around the country, Queen Victoria saw border collies and they caught her attention. She wanted to have several of these dogs, and literally fell in love with them at first sight. Since then, Queen Victoria has become an ardent supporter of this breed. In 1876, Lloyd Price, another breed enthusiast, but not of royal descent, brought 100 sheep to demonstrate the abilities of the border collie dogs, putting on a whole performance.

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The task was so that the dogs, without any special commands, could control the flock of sheep, directing it in the right direction. They did an excellent job with this task, moreover, only the sounds of a whistle and waving hands sounded from the commands. After such a demonstration, the breed’s popularity skyrocketed, and its fame began to quickly spread outside Britain. Despite such a long origin, the American Kennel Club recognized these dogs only in 1995.


The Border Collie breed is large in size and has a large amount of long, thick coat. The muzzle is elongated, the ears are folded. The limbs are long, the tail is also long, saber-shaped, fluffy.


A border collie dog is a great companion for a person of any age, for a lone owner or a large family with several children. These dogs have an excellent mind, they perfectly understand their owner, and can be trained in a wide variety of commands. They love children very much, and in general they love people.

Without the slightest fear, you can leave one or more children with a border collie dog, and be sure that the animal will not show the slightest hint of any aggression, and even protect and try to protect your child from careless actions. Border Collies are very loyal to their family, they see the meaning of their existence in making their owners happy and helping them in every way possible.

This is expressed literally in everything – no matter what functions are required from the dog, it will do everything in its power to meet the requirements. Of course, you should not expect too much from the animal – the owner must always understand the limits of his pet’s capabilities. Although, do not hesitate, this breed will be able to surprise you, and more than once.

In the past, the Border Collie was widely used as a herding dog, and even now it is ubiquitous in the highlands of Scotland, the Alps and other places, and therefore the shepherd’s instincts do exist. It is for this reason that a dog may sometimes regard several children who are with it without adults as being under its own personal responsibility.

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In relations with other animals, this breed either remains neutral or tries to make friends. They are generally very friendly and open dogs, sociable and kind. For the protection of a private house, that is, as a watchdog, the breed is not very suitable, just because of its friendliness and openness. Although they can raise barks and create anxiety, it is not common for the Border Collie to attack a person. He treats strangers on the street neutrally, without any special emotions. If this is someone you know, the dog will most likely immediately try to make friends with him.

A border collie dog has a fairly high level of energy, and needs daily walks, physical activity and, which is highly desirable – exercise for the mind. They are very flexible and adaptive dogs, they can live both in a private house and in a city apartment. However, it is desirable that they have plenty of free space. Also, do not forget that keeping a dog with such long hair in an apartment may not be very convenient. Especially if anyone in your family suffers from allergies.


The Border Collie is a dog breed that is ideal for training. We can immediately say that it makes no sense to train these dogs as fighting dogs, capable of inflicting heavy damage on people and other dogs. However, they can be trained in a variety of specialized teams besides the basic ones.

Border Collies are often used as helpers for people with disabilities, for the elderly, as guide dogs. You can train your pet to bring you a phone, wallet, slippers – just get creative. In training, in no case use physical force, just acquire patience and be consistent, kind and fair master.

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Also, the border collie can be trained in some types of “dog” sports, including competitive ones:

  • by obedience;
  • agility;
  • flyball;
  • tracking;
  • flying discs.


The Border Collie breed has a long, thick coat that needs to be brushed out 2-3 times a week. Some owners even sew socks from such wool, they turn out to be very warm and pleasant to the touch. The eyes should be cleaned of deposits daily and the ears should be kept clean. Bathe the dog once or twice a week. Keep in mind that the Border Collie breed is sensitive to sun and heat.

Common diseases

The border collie dog is prone to several diseases, including:

  • dysplasia of the hip joint is a hereditary disease;
  • progressive retinal atrophy;
  • epilepsy – sometimes inherited;
  • collie eye anomaly – an inherited condition that causes changes and abnormalities in the eye – sometimes they can lead to blindness. These changes may include: choroidal hypoplasia (abnormal development of the choroid), coloboma (defect in the optic nerve head), staphyloma (thinning of the sclera), and retinal detachment. Usually manifests itself before the age of two;
  • allergy.

Interesting Facts
1. The Border Collie is one of the smartest dog breeds on the planet.
2. The need for a herd for the dog is so great that some Border Collie owners even rent sheep just to be pounded by their pet.
3. The Border Collie named Chaser knows the names of over 1000 unique toys.
4. Border Collie Stryker holds the record as the fastest dog to open a car window (11.34 seconds record).
5. The Border Collie was first classified as a Scottish Shepherd. 6. The breed was featured in the hit movie Babe: The Four-Legged Baby, along with a talking pig.
7. The breed is considered the best herding dog in the world.
8. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed only in 1995.

Did you know?
Working Border Collies can follow commands from up to 800 meters away.

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