Boykin Spaniel

These dogs are smart, small in size and very agile. We can say that this is the smallest representative of the spaniel group. His main specialization is water and boat hunting. Boykin spaniels just love to be in the water, and they also love to ride in boats. Their crown strut on the bow of the ship is today already a hallmark of the breed.


The Boykina spaniel was bred by the South Carolina people to accompany hunters in boats. Initially it was the ideal dog for hunting turkeys, but later they expanded their specialization to all waterfowl. In South Carolina, this breed is not only a symbol of the state, but also has its own official day – September 1. This day is celebrated in the state as Boykin Spaniel Day, and on this day the duck hunt officially opens.

This cute breed is relatively young. The history of the development of the breed dates back to the 1900s. Then, according to the stories of local residents, one of the parishioners of the Methodist church in Spartanburg picked up a stray dog, which soon showed the highly developed qualities of a hunting dog. The man sent his find to his friend and hunting lover L. Whitaker Boykin. According to the official version, the first representative of the new breed appeared in 1905. Then Boykin his male Dempi mated with the female Shingo, as a result of which the first litter of the Boykin spaniel appeared. It is also known that the springer spaniel, the cocker spaniel, and the American water spaniel were later added to the new breed.

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The appearance of these spaniels is simply magical. First of all, people fall in love with the beautiful double wool of dark brown-chocolate Boykin. In general, their coat is very diverse: it can be slightly wavy, and it can be very curly, like a poodle.

Another amazing feature of the Boykin Spaniel is its eyes. Their yellowish amber eyes have an unusual rim on their dark chocolate fur.

By the standard Boykin are strong and well-built dogs. Strong bones should not create clumsiness or massiveness. They have a muscular body, a slightly arched back, sloping shoulders, a well-developed chest. The loin is strong but short; the croup slopes towards the tail. The legs are straight, of medium length, the thighs are very well developed.

The coat has two layers: the undercoat and the top layer. The structure of the wool is soft and silky. There may be a slight fringe on the ears, legs, and belly. The color varies in a single brown tone, which can be either rich with a reddish tint or dark chocolate. White socks are allowed as standard, as well as a small patch on the chest.


Today Americans call this breed a versatile hunting dog. Perseverance and agility make them indispensable in swampy areas and in quiet harbors. Despite their small size, these pets combine the strength of a retriever with the talent of a bogey dog. This breed will become a great friend and reliable working companion.


The Boykin Spaniel is the embodiment of friendship and love for a person. This dog is very kind and always has a positive attitude towards people. One has only to say her name, as she immediately rushes into your arms, cute wagging her tail. In addition, Boykins are hardworking, for which they are especially appreciated by professional hunters. A dog with enthusiasm and full of energy can work even all day. Boykin always strive for close contact with a person, so do not be surprised if your pet does not leave you even for a minute. Their cheerful disposition allows them to get along well with children and other animals.

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The Boykin Spaniel is just the perfect hunting dog. It has a peculiarity – they never damage the game or any object that they take in their teeth. But they are also wonderful companions and friends of children. Spaniels feel good in the company of the family and love to be in the attention. We can say that these are loyal and loving family dogs.


Like all hunting dogs, the Boykin Spaniel must move a lot to be active and develop properly. Therefore, this breed is not suitable for residents of a metropolis and owners of small apartments. Otherwise, the dog will feel constrained and will not show all its beauty and hunting abilities.

As for the rest, you need to take care of their ears. They must be thoroughly and regularly ventilated, cleaned and treated with special antiseptic agents. It is especially good to clean your ears after contact with water, because excess moisture can lead to inflammation. Also, if you want to have a healthy pet, be sure to select carefully when purchasing. The fact is that about 40% of all boykins suffer from joint dysplasia.

And, of course, Boykin’s wool will require care. Spaniels need to be brushed thoroughly every day, especially their paws and ears. But such a procedure will be an excellent opportunity to establish even better contact with the pet. Tactile sensations always increase the love of dogs.


Boykin are very smart and flexible dogs. Such a fact as the fact that these pets were even taught to find ancient endangered reptiles will delight you. After all, it will not be difficult to raise a pet. True, it is worth considering the overly active temperament of dogs. You want your workouts to be varied, active and fun. Otherwise, Boykin will independently seek entertainment for himself and for you. It takes a little time to train these dogs, but a lot of energy and love.

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If you like an active lifestyle, this dog is the perfect choice. They are especially talented in the discipline of agility.

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