Bullmastiff (Night hunter’s dog) / Bullmastiff

Today the bullmastiff is considered a guard dog, but few people know that the breed was not bred to bite people as a defense. In fact, this dog never harms its “victim”, but only presses it tightly to the ground. That is why this breed is distinguished by such an impressive size. And the purpose of their breeding is to protect diamond caves and land of aristocrats.


The bullmastiff appeared in England in the 19th century, as a result of the crossing of a bulldog and a mastiff. Very quickly, this breed gained popularity and ended up in the United States. From here began a separate page in the history of this breed – they began to be called first-class watchmen. Suffice it to recall the dog from the movie “Rocky”. The breed received official recognition in 1924, but bullmastiffs came to our country only in the 80s of the last century. According to historians, in England these dogs were used by huntsmen to protect aristocratic lands from poaching. It is from here that the breed got its second name – the night huntsman dog. It is important to note that later the selection of dogs was not completed, therefore the blood of St. Bernards, Great Danes and even Bloodhounds was added to the already existing breed.


The Bullmastiff is a large and strong dog with a well-built and well-knit body. The growth of dogs ranges on average from 40 to 50 centimeters, but the weight is about 60 kilograms. As you can see, with such a growth, the power of the dog is simply off scale. This explains their bulky appearance. They have a broad, muscular back, strong legs, massive chest and back of the body. The head is almost round, large. The muzzle is short with a well developed bulldog, strong wide jaws and obvious wrinkles. Ears are triangular, fit snugly to the head.

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The coat is short, dense, but soft to the touch. The standard color should be yellowish brown, red or piebald. A black head mask is required.


By nature, the bullmastiff is an excellent watchman. John Rockefeller kept such a dog to guard his estate. But at the enormous weight and size, as well as the rough barking, its terrifying appearance ends. In fact, this is a very kind and flexible dog. Such is the meek giant. They also love to kiss, so be prepared when you meet this dog that she will kiss or lick your entire face.


Although the size and appearance of the bullmastiff gives them a ferocious appearance, in fact, these dogs are very kind and affectionate at heart. This is a balanced dog, independent, brave and thinking. She will never show anger and aggression without a reason, but in moments of danger, a cheerful and kind dog is ready to turn into a fierce beast. In the house, the bullmastiff is calm and even a little phlegmatic. After an active walk, he often goes to bed. And another plus of this breed is that it adjusts to the pace of life of its owner.


Bullmastiff is a great friend and companion who is just happy to live in a family and be among people. However, he will also fulfill his security duties 100%. Even if he does not cause much harm to the intruder, the dog will definitely not allow you to leave the gate of your house without your knowledge. It is also important to note that the bullmastiff can be the most gentle nanny for children.

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Bullmastiffs are not very active and do not require much space in the house, so it is not difficult to keep them even in a small apartment. But they require a lot of hygiene care. The point is, bullmastiffs drool. You will have to carry a small towel with you at all times. It is also important for them to regularly wipe the folds on the face in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. The same goes for the eyes and ears.

It is also worth noting that having such a dog, it is important to be ready to feed it, since it eats about 1.5 kilograms of food per day. Bullmastiffs tend to be overweight, so diet and regular walking will be beneficial.


The bullmastiff is an independent thinker, so he needs to be trained from early childhood. The dog, although not aggressive and completely devoid of a sense of anger towards people, because of its large size, must be taught the basic commands. Fortunately, dogs are smart and quickly grasp things on the fly. The main thing is not to overload the pet, so that he does not lose interest in the new business.

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