Poisoning in the dog
Heavy bleeding in the dog

Burns in dogs

Who gets sick?

Dogs are at risk from house fires, accidents in the kitchen, for example from boiling water or hot oil, but also from electric shock, for example when puppies gnaw at live cables.

How do you recognize it?

With minor burns, the skin turns red and the hair is scorched or scalded. If the exposure to heat is greater, blisters form, including extensive loss of the epidermis and charred edges. Electric shock burns have a bright center with a reddened edge.

What should I do?

Immediately flush the affected parts of the body with cold running water for 20 minutes. Open wounds should then be covered with sterile gauze bandages or a fresh towel. Do not apply burn ointment, but take the dog to the vet. Large-scale burns have a poor prognosis, as complications from the loss of fluid and the inflammatory reaction of the skin can still occur after days.

How can you prevent?

Do not leave dogs alone in the kitchen when the stove or deep fryer is on. Cover live cables or spray them with a bitter-tasting spray. When grilling, keep the grate out of the dog’s reach.

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