Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound (hotosho, banhar)


The Buryat Mongolian wolfhound is a very ancient breed, with a rich history, which has earned human respect for many centuries. The exact time of the origin of the rock has not yet been established, however, archaeological excavations carried out in the “Huns settlement” on the outskirts of the city of Ulan-Ude showed the following.

The remains of dogs found in this place are almost identical in structure to modern wolfhounds. These ancient dogs are the most ancient of all breeds in this area, moreover, the territory in which the ancient wolfhounds lived covers Buryatia, part of Mongolia, part of Kazakhstan and Tuva, part of China and Tibet.

They are considered the aborigines of these places. Accordingly, the Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound is older than similar dogs from Tibet (they are called that – the Tibetans), although before the excavations, many researchers believed the opposite. Moreover. Even in the wilds of Siberia today you can find this dog, and it appeared there obviously not in the last century, but at a much earlier time.

In Buryatia, they are also called Banhar, Khotosho (or Khotocho – depends on the pronunciation), Tibet (Tibetan dog – although, strictly speaking, these are two different breeds, which was confirmed by the excavations mentioned above). Since ancient times, they have been used as a guard for the house and livestock, as well as for hunting. Often, wolfhounds guarded Buddhist monasteries. The Russian Cynological Federation recognized the breed in 2000.


The Buryat Mongolian wolfhound is fearless and very loyal to its owner, and in general to his beloved people, his family, a dog. For a very long time of its existence, the breed has developed the most valuable qualities that are so appreciated by people.

Of course, this is high intelligence, the ability to perfectly understand a person and recognize behavioral hints, the ability to defend the owner and his family no matter what. The Buryat Mongolian wolfhound will immediately give his life for the owner, if necessary.

He is perfect for living in a private house, as a watchman, however, these are very freedom-loving animals that cannot be kept on a chain. In addition, the dog must spend the night in the house with the owner, this is important for him. At the very least, he should have free access to the house, and be in constant contact with his family.

This is a very unpretentious breed in terms of care, not capricious and very hardy. She is not afraid of the cold. Great for children, loves to spend time with them, in addition, has great patience when it comes to the child. However, it must be remembered that a child from his own family and someone else’s child are different things for a dog.

The breed possesses hunting instincts, although, strictly speaking, it is not a hunting dog. The energy level cannot be called high, but it cannot be called low either. In any case, if you live in a city apartment, the dog will definitely adapt to living conditions, but you will need to walk it for at least an hour a day. Exercise, active play and intellectual stimulation are also required.

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Common diseases

The Buryat Mongolian wolfhound is an extremely healthy breed, hardy, and practically not susceptible to any diseases.

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