Is it possible to combine dry food and natural

Can dry dog ​​food and natural food be combined?

Sooner or later, each owner thinks about whether it is possible to simultaneously use dry food and natural products to feed his four-legged pet. Disputes on this issue between veterinarians have not abated for many years.


  • Is it possible to combine dry food and natural
  • Is it possible to alternate dry food and natural
  • Is it possible to mix dry food from different manufacturers
  • Can wet and dry food be mixed?

Let’s try and we will figure out whether it is possible to mix dry granules and natural products.

Is it possible to combine dry food and natural

To answer this question, you need to understand what happens in the body when mixing different types of feed:

  • With the same type of feeding (using only natural products or choosing dry granules), the digestion process is completely adjusted to the selected type of feed;
  • When mixing different diets, the animal gradually becomes seriously disturbed in the process of assimilation of nutrients and metabolism. This is due to the fact that ready-made feeds are absorbed much faster and require a large amount of moisture for high-quality assimilation. The granules should swell and only after that the fermentation process will begin. Natural foods take much longer to digest. But the amount of liquid consumed for their assimilation will be minimal. The fermentation process begins immediately after food enters the stomach;
  • By mixing dry granules and natural products (cottage cheese, fruits, fish, meat or vegetables) in one bowl, the owner creates an excessive load on the digestive system of his pet;
  • A feature of mixed feeding will be that the benefits of using dry granules will be minimal. The fermentation process is delayed and they do not have time to digest for several hours. Consequently, the nutritional value of such a constituent part of the diet will be minimal.

It is important: The negative impact of such a diet will not be noticeable immediately. Initially, the pet will be cheerful and active, the shiny and thick coat will not allow the owner to suspect a deficiency or excess of vitamins, minerals or nutrients.

Is it possible to alternate dry food and natural

Often, owners prefer to use a mixed type of feeding, giving the animal a ready-made diet in the morning and natural food in the evening.

This solution has a number of features:

  • Dry granules swell in the digestive system and have time to be absorbed;
  • Natural foods take much longer to digest, which is why experts advise giving natural foods in the evening. Thus, it will take more than 8 hours between meals and all nutrients will be fully fermented;
  • A consultation with your veterinarian will help you choose the best type of mixed feeding. The granules contain a sufficient amount of cereals. Therefore, you should not cook porridge with meat for your pet for evening feeding. You should give preference to fish or meat products in combination with vegetables or fruits, offer the dog eggs or cottage cheese;

It is important: extreme caution should be applied to the process of mixed feeding for those owners who have made a choice in favor of premium rations or the Holistic category. These products contain an optimal amount of meat and a balanced content of fats and carbohydrates.

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The additional introduction of a large amount of protein food into the daily menu will create an additional burden on the kidneys and can cause an allergic reaction to protein. In this case, offer your pet fermented milk products, as well as a mixture of fruits and vegetables.

Veterinarians remind that the use of a mixed type of feeding is possible only for healthy dogs that do not have any chronic diseases.

An important point is that the duration of the mixed meal should not exceed several weeks. That is, you should not constantly feed your pet according to this scheme.

Is it possible to alternate dry food and natural

Is it possible to mix dry food from different manufacturers

Owners make a common mistake by regularly changing not only the flavors of the dry granules, but also the manufacturer of the feed.

They argue their decision by the fact that the dog is fed up with the same diet. But in fact, many breeders give preference to the feed that the manufacturer currently makes a discount on.

Of course, from a financial point of view, this decision is quite justified and allows us to offer the animal a better quality menu at the same price as regular food. But do not forget about the negative side of this choice.

Each manufacturer uses different ingredients in different proportions. The constant change of dry food leads to the development of pathological processes in the digestive system. Some granules contain an increased amount of soybeans, others have a minimal amount of cereals, and still others contain an optimal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, but an increased amount of fat.

To digest and assimilate each type of feed, the pet’s body must develop the optimal composition of gastric juice. The constant change of diet interferes with the adaptation process and not all substances are absorbed during digestion. Consequently, the pet has a deficiency or excess of certain substances.

It is important: It is possible to avoid such a development of events only if the owner carefully examines the composition of the feed. And the ratio of nutrients in it. Only in this way the dog’s body does not have to re-adapt to the new composition of the menu.

Can wet and dry food be mixed?

Veterinarians and experienced dog handlers give an unequivocal answer to this question. You can mix dry and wet food. The main thing is to adhere to simple rules:

  • Choose products from one manufacturer. This will not create additional stress on the digestive system;
  • If there are no pouches or canned food in the line of the selected manufacturer, then you can carefully study the offers of other brands. Analysis of feeds presented on the domestic market will allow you to select a product with an identical composition and ratio of basic nutrients;
  • The use of complete foods allows them to replace part of the dry diet. For the ratio of dry and canned food in the menu of a particular pet, you should consult with your veterinarian or nutritionist. They will select the optimal amount of pellets and canned food, depending on the age, weight, lifestyle and other characteristics of the dog.

This is important: canned food should not make up the bulk of your dog’s diet. The absence of solid particles (dry granules) will lead to the rapid formation of plaque on the surface of the pet’s tooth enamel. It will form the basis for calculus formation.

Having carefully studied the question, we draw a few simple conclusions:

  • Mixing natural and dry food in one bowl is unacceptable, because it will lead to a disruption in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The mixed type of food is not desirable, but it is possible for a short time and only in healthy pets. The interval between meals should not be less than 8 hours;
  • Combining dry or natural and dry food from different manufacturers is hazardous to the dog’s metabolism. The risk of excess or deficiency of certain substances increases;
  • A mixed diet that includes canned and dry food is possible only if a number of conditions are met. For example, using quality products from one manufacturer.

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When deciding to change your dog’s eating habits, you should first consult with your veterinarian. It is also important to make dietary changes gradually to allow the animal’s body to adapt to the new food.

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