Carrying bag for dogs. Which one to choose?

Sooner or later, most owners face the need to purchase a carrying bag for a four-legged pet. But not everyone has a clear idea of ​​how to choose the right model, what types of carriers can be found on the shelves of veterinary pharmacies and specialized stores. And also about what to look for when buying and when to give preference to a plastic box instead of a soft backpack or sling.


  • Why does a dog need a carry bag
  • Types of dog carriers
  • How to choose the size of your dog carrier
  • Tips for choosing a carrier

Why do you need a carrying bag

Experienced dog handlers will easily answer this question. Throughout the life of a pet, carrying may be required for:

  • Visiting public places. This is especially true for ornamental breeds, which are small in size;
  • Travel. If you plan to travel by private car, then you can do without this item. But when traveling by bus, train or plane, the absence of a carrying bag will become an insurmountable obstacle;
  • Veterinary clinic visits. Routine vaccinations, therapeutic measures or preventive examinations – all this requires the movement of the animal around the city. You can take a healthy dog ​​without carrying it. But a sick pet is much more comfortable and safer to move in a familiar bag. Thus, the dog will be able not to waste extra energy on the process of moving around the city. And the people around do not have to worry about their safety;
  • Providing the pet with a small cozy corner in the house. This is especially true for those families with children. A plastic box will allow the four-legged pet to retire and rest;
  • Travel to the exhibition. Most decorative pets use the services of a groomer just before a dog show. Moving in a special box will allow you to maintain an impeccable appearance and not to stain the fur on the paws before the start of the exhibition.

It is important: you should not postpone the purchase of the product until the last day. The more models the owner studies, the easier it will be for him to make the right choice.

Types of dog carriers

There are several types of carriers on the domestic market. Let’s consider each of them in order to make the selection process as conscious as possible. They differ in technical characteristics, size and purpose.

Soft carry bag

Soft Carrying Bag for Dog Photo

A soft bag for small or small pets. Outwardly, it resembles a compact sports bag, equipped with a window for ventilation.

Manufacturers offer most models with a flat bottom, with or without a frame, and medium-length handles make transporting the animal as convenient as possible for the owner. We recommend choosing models with an additional compartment. It can be used to store a drinking bowl, a bowl or other devices necessary during the journey.

Carrying bags on wheels have also appeared on the domestic market. They are suitable for transporting medium to large dogs. Such models are distinguished by a reinforced bottom and allow the owner not to take the pet in his arms at the time of travel.

Backpack for dogs

Backpack-carrier for a dog photo

The backpack is ideal for miniature dog breeds. Most models are equipped with a small window through which the dog observes what is happening.

If the plastic window is additionally equipped with a metal mesh, it will increase the level of safety and make the trip as comfortable as possible.

You can choose a model that is attached to the owner’s back. But this option is suitable only for animals with a calm temperament, able to calmly stay in a backpack and not see their owner at the moment of movement.

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The advantage of the backpacks is the high quality nylon. It does not allow moisture to pass through and the pet will not get wet in the rain.


Dog sling photo

This product is created for those miniature decorative dogs that have a nervous temperament and cannot imagine the minutes outside the house without the support and care of the owner.

It is for such a pet that it will be optimal to be at the level of the owner’s chest. A wide shoulder strap provides a secure fit and allows you to place the sling as conveniently as possible.

For a small to medium-sized animal, such a carrier will not be suitable.

Plastic box

Plastic boxes for dogs photo

This option enjoys well-deserved recognition from the owners. Made of high-quality plastic, it does not have an unpleasant smell, it washes perfectly and does not cause an allergic reaction in the pet.

A correctly sized plastic box provides the dog with the opportunity not only to lie comfortably, but also to turn inside the box.

Some manufacturers equip the product with special mounts. They provide a secure fit on the car seat using the seat belts. The mesh located on the door promotes good ventilation, and the ability to attach a travel drinker provides the animal with maximum comfort.

Such products can be safely placed on a damp floor or on dirty ground without the risk of wetting the pet’s bedding. If desired, the dog can be fed inside the box without worrying about the bowl turning over and the food scattering.

Plastic boxes for air transportation deserve special attention. This is the only carrier in which your four-legged friend will be allowed to board the plane.

Before purchasing a box for air transportation, check with a company representative in advance what characteristics this product should have. Some airline companies have very clear requirements for the height of the box. Locks are also important.

A plastic box used for air travel must be equipped with double locks, a place for a bowl and travel drinker. And also provide good ventilation.

Metal cage

Metal dog cage photo

The cages have found their use for moving and keeping a pet at the exhibition, as well as for travel. After all, it is not so easy to find a carrier for a large dog (Newfoundland, Giant Schnauzer, Shepherd Dogs, Labradors). In this case, the ideal solution would be to purchase a metal cage.

A road drinking bowl can be easily fixed on the net, a bowl with food can be placed on the floor of the cage. In addition, the animal gets the opportunity to observe others and move freely inside the cage. The product is easy to clean, and reliable locks will provide the maximum level of safety for both the pet and others.

How to choose the size of your dog carrier

To choose the most convenient product, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • The pet should calmly rise to full height and, at the same time, not bend inside the carrier;
  • Use the standard sizing chart when choosing a carrier. It reflects the dependence of the model number on the pet’s body weight;
  • When planning a trip by plane, you should check with the carrier company in advance what requirements for plastic bags are put forward by the airline you have chosen.

It is important: do not spare your energy to study proposals from manufacturers. The more models you look, the more likely you are to purchase a practical and reliable carry bag!

Tips for choosing a carrier

In order for the acquired carrying bag for many years to please with its strength and functionality, you should pay attention to the following nuances when buying it:

  • For a model on casters, the strength of the wheels and the bottom is of great importance. After all, they bear the entire load in the process of transporting an animal;
  • Fastening belts. Pay attention to how well the attachment points of the handles to the side walls of the bag are stitched;
  • Dense bottom. This is of paramount importance for psychological comfort. Not every dog ​​will sit quietly in a bag, the bottom of which sags under its mass. The animal needs to feel stable in order to comfortably endure the journey;
  • The presence of nylon or metal mesh to ensure air flow;
  • Suitable sizes. If you are planning a long move, then it is better to choose a model with a small margin. In it, the dog will be able to turn 3600 and not so much will feel the limitation of its mobility;
  • Quality materials. The carrier should be easy to wash or wash. Most manufacturers offer hypoallergenic, odor-free material.

It is important: Sometimes the owners prefer to take the carrier from friends and not spend money on purchasing it. This approach gives the pet additional inconvenience. After all, the model is unlikely to ideally suit him in size (the only exceptions are animals of the same breed). The product will be saturated with the smell of another animal, which is unlikely to be removed even after washing.

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