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Cars as a deadly heat trap for the dog

Heat trap car! It is not uncommon to hear from horror stories that dogs find their death in the car with the windows closed in midsummer. Dog owners repeatedly underestimate the temperatures that can arise in the car. It can be dangerous for a dog in the car when the outside temperature is just under 20 degrees. Not to mention the fact that this is quickly fatal, not to mention. The car is parked in the shade, but some dog owners don’t take into account that the earth is turning. And so the car is in the sun minutes later.

To illustrate the danger, people can be locked up in cars for campaigns. The experimental set-up: summer outside temperature, sunshine and the window ajar. After a relatively short time, let’s say half an hour, they give up in sweat. But it is much worse for the dog, he cannot sweat like we do, and he would be dead! And: The cruelty to animals would have started much earlier, the dog would be bad, he would be scared – scared to death.

If people really want to understand the situation, then this test arrangement would come closest to its reality: wrap a person in cling film – perforated, i.e. with small holes, because a dog also has a certain, albeit slight skin respiration – then a fur coat over it. Only the face, hands and feet remain free. Instead of the foil, long underwear made of a synthetic fiber mixture would also be suitable, so that hardly any evaporation cold can occur through sweat. Equipped in this way, no one stays in a car for even a few minutes, even if the windows are half open. That would be a halfway comparable scenario to what some do to their dogs. For God’s sake please – don’t try it. It would be too dangerous and, as you guessed it, could be fatal!

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The body fails

The dogs suffer from heat stroke. This increases the body temperature and can lead to dizziness, nausea and unconsciousness. There is a risk of heat collapse, in the worst case cerebral edema with swelling and fluid deposits in the brain. In addition, parts of the tissue can be so damaged, for example the kidneys, that the dog would hardly have a chance of survival if it could be freed while alive.

Egg white coagulates at 42 degrees. The interior of a car can quickly heat up to much higher levels in just a few minutes, depending on the outside temperature and the amount of sunlight. The dog tries to compensate for the rise in temperature in its body by panting and perspiring through its paws. In any case, the cooling effect does not set in until about 20 minutes after the start. But the caged dog is panting in a scorchingly hot car, losing a lot of fluid in the process, and is standing with its paws on warm cushions. What’s the point? Right: almost nothing.

What you can do

If you see a dog in the car panting hard, maybe howling, or appearing apathetic, try to track down the owner. If this is not possible within a short time, call the police. If it is to be feared that it will not arrive in time, perhaps only drastic measures can help.

Breaking the window is basically damage to property, but there are exceptions or justifications, for example if you are acting in the interests of the animal owner. In legal terms, this means “acting with the presumed consent of the injured party” (note: whose rights are violated). It is permissible if the animal’s emergency situation could not be averted in any other way. However, this must be proven by the person who destroys the pane. In this respect, everyone can only be advised to look for one or more witnesses that attempts to locate the owner have failed or that there was no other option to save the dog for reasons of time. Unfortunately, the observant of us often have to think along for others.

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