Feeding and Care

dog fleas

The dog has got fleas. Why are they dangerous, how to withdraw, which remedy to choose …

Fleas, despite their small size, can bring a lot of trouble to our four-legged friends. They not only irritate the dog, but can lead to serious […]
Yorkie grooming photos

Dog grooming. Tips for beginners

If you are planning to have a four-legged pet and opted for a dog, then you should prepare in advance on how to properly care for […]
what and how to feed the puppy

How and what to feed a puppy from 1 month to a year. Useful tips for beginners

A balanced diet of a puppy is a guarantee of the future health of an adult. But how to properly organize the feeding process so that […]
dog does not eat photo

The dog doesn’t eat. What is the reason, what to do and how to help the pet

A dog with no health problems always has a cheerful mood and good appetite. An adult animal needs to be fed up to 2 times a […]
Funny pugs in clothes photo

Do I need to dress dogs and why. All pros and cons

The problem of acquiring clothes for four-legged pets becomes more and more urgent with the onset of the autumn-winter period. The use of special clothing causes […]
Dog in winter photo

How to prepare your dog for winter. Owner Tips

The first snow brings a lot of joy to dogs: they become more active and playful. However, winter is not only happy and fun, but also […]
Dry food or natural for dogs

Which is better: dry dog ​​food or natural? All pros and cons

This question inevitably arises for any owner of a four-legged pet. The controversy over the benefits and dangers of each of the two types of diets […]
how to choose a collar

Choosing a collar for a dog. Owner Tips

Every dog ​​breeder always faces the question of buying a collar. Choosing the right collar is important for comfortable communication with your dog. A poorly fitted […]
Natural dog food

We transfer the dog from dry food to natural food. Veterinarian advice

The number of adherents of natural pet food is constantly growing. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of quality food for a dog’s body. But […]