Celebrate Christmas with the dog

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Celebrate Christmas with the dog

Is your dog also in the middle of it at Christmas instead of just there? Our four-legged friends are part of the family and of course always by our side on the holidays. Whether decorating a tree, wrapping gifts or simply enjoying the evening, here you can see some great Christmas pictures with a dog!

Christmas mood outdoors

This Siberian Husky patiently poses in front of the variety of lights of the decorated trees. (Photo: Instagram)

Examine the Christmas tree

This lady dog ​​takes a close look at the decorated and illuminated tree! Does she like it? (Photo: Instagram)

Where are the Christmas presents?

Oh dear … there is still something missing under the Christmas tree! Exactly Wisky: the gifts! Where are they? (Photo: Instagram)

Unpack Christmas presents

Better, right? Harley the dog is ready for Christmas! The presents are all there, when will they be unwrapped? (Photo: Instagram)

Let the Christmas Eve fade away

Isn’t that a wonderful picture? So peaceful, so Christmassy, ​​so beautiful! Lewis is getting cozy, do that too! (Photo: Instagram)

Merry Christmas

The entire “Partner Hund” team wishes you, your family and your dogs a wonderful Christmas and relaxing holidays!

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