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Cheyletiellosis disease picture


Cheyletiellosis is a highly contagious (also for humans), inflammatory skin disease caused by the mite Cheyletiella yasguri.

Disease origin and development

In contrast to the scabies parasites, the parasites live on the surface of the skin and sting the skin. The eggs are fixed to the hair with thin threads. Cheyletiella yasguri belongs to the single host parasites, which means that they can only survive outside the host for a few days.

Clinical picture – symptoms

The infected animals show severe itching, skin reddening and flaking. Hence the disease is also known as “wandering dandruff”. Young and immunocompromised dogs are particularly affected by this disease.


The prognosis of a cure is very favorable under therapy. You should therefore visit a veterinarian immediately if your dog scratches itself more and more and you discover reddened skin.

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