Leukocytopenia syndrome
Symptoms Acute bleeding anemia

Clinical picture Chronic bleeding anemia


Chronic bleeding anemia leads to constant loss of small amounts of blood over a long period of time. Usually the cause is either a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, a parasitic infection or, less often, diseases of the kidneys or urinary tract.

Disease origin and development

Due to the constant loss of blood in small amounts, after some time a poorly colored iron deficiency anemia with abnormally small red blood cells develops. Due to the constant loss of iron, only small, low-hemoglobin red blood cells (erythrocytes) are ultimately formed. The volume, on the other hand, is equalized by the inflow of interstitial fluid.

Clinical picture – symptoms

The dog shows a clear inefficiency and the mucous membrane is very pale. In severe cases, even systolic turbulence noises can be detected.


In chronic bleeding anemia, the chances of recovery depend on the underlying disease. If this can be cured, there is also a favorable prognosis for anemia.

Acute bleeding anemia, aplastic anemia, chronic bleeding anemia, leukocytopenia

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