general characteristics

Dalmatians love to have fun and play, and their sense of humor and elegant silhouette have become the breed’s hallmarks. The “smile” of a Dalmatian is often confused with a grin, although the furious wagging of the tail immediately betrays the playful intentions of the spotted merry fellow. Despite their many positive qualities, Dalmatians can be naughty and cocky. All this is a consequence of wrong upbringing. Discipline from an early age is essential for a Dalmatian. These loyal dogs need the attention of the owner and long walks.


Every owner dreams of seeing his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
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Breed characteristics:

– Smart and curious
– Delightfully fulfills the instructions of the owner
– Active and restless


Height: 56–61 cm
Age: up to 14 years old
Weight: 32-42 kg

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Due to their non-aggressive nature, they get along well with other pets.


The Dalmatian will have the most fun in a family with small children and an owner who can walk this spotted fidget for a long time.

Hair care

Dalmatians are clean, short-haired dogs, so grooming comes down to regular brushing so that the coat looks well-groomed and

Conditions of detention

Any place is suitable for Dalmatians, the main thing is to be close to the owner and be able to move a lot.


Strong and agile Dalmatians need to be controlled through consistent obedience training. Walk your dog daily and for a long time, and if you keep it outside the city, equip the yard with a high fence.

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