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Disease picture aplastic anemia


In aplastic anemia, the supply of red blood cells from the bone marrow is greatly reduced. Often the other blood cells are also decreased. The causes can be different. A viral infection can trigger the disease, as can toxins, tumors and chronic kidney failure.

Disease origin and development

Viruses and toxins prevent the development and formation of red blood cells (erythropoiesis) by disrupting the stem cells. In chronic renal insufficiency, erythropoiesis is prevented in a different way. The growth factor erythropoietin, which is important during red blood cell formation, is greatly reduced.

Clinical picture – symptoms

On the one hand, the animal shows the symptoms of the underlying disease. There are also those of anemia: poor performance, paleness of the mucous membrane and fatigue.


For recovery, the underlying disease must first be fought. Once this is healed, the anemia will also subside.

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