Dog clubs and dog schools in Germany ZIP-5

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Dog clubs and dog schools in Germany ZIP-5

Postal code area -5

Bickendorfer dog school

Education courses for all races

Venloer Str. 965

50829 Cologne

Phone: 0221-3795780

Email: [email protected]



Lechtenfeld dog school

Weiherstrasse 86

51373 Leverkusen, Germany

Phone: 0214-4001215

Mobile: 0177-3954052


Email: [email protected]

Breed breed association for Hovawart dogs eV


In the Heuhof 3

51647 Gummersbach, Germany

Phone: 02354-701365

Fax: 02354-701364

Email: [email protected]


The canids behavior center dog farm “Eifel”

Contact person: Angelika Lanzerath

From -Goltstein-Str. 1

53902 Bad Münstereifel

Phone: 02257-7728

Fax: 02257-7728

Email: [email protected]


Further information:

Where people learn to correctly assess dog behavior and solve problems.

Advice before buying a dog, puppy and young dog groups. Beginners and retrieval groups. In-house training, happy days and adventure weeks, seminars, behavioral advice, individual one-to-one training, etc.

species-appropriate – the mobile dog school

Contact person: Nicole Groth


Phone: 0231 -15762

Mobile: 0175-5514764

Email: [email protected]


DOG training

Mobile dog school Jens Strube

In the Borntal 6a

55578 Wallertheim

Phone: 06732-934486

Fax: 06732-934487

Mobile: 0163-3915430

Mobile: 0171-3813672

Email: [email protected]


Hohe Acht dog center

Contact person: Andrea Buschmann

Neideck 13

56729 Siebenbach / Eifel

Phone: 02656-951870

Mobile: 0170-4359965

Email: [email protected]

More information:

Dog owner training (education from puppy to adult dog, correct communication and body language), individual lessons or max. 4 teams, no puppy play group, problem dog therapy, soon mobility for the larger breeds

Dog school team building

Contact person: Beate Marr

Kreuzbergstrasse 42

57399 Kirchhundem

Phone: 02723/2737

Mobile: 0160/96634402


Email: [email protected]

Dog school & boarding house Dog Dream

Contact person: Nicole Hofmann (animal healer, animal physiotherapist and behavioral therapist for humans and dogs)

Krähenkamp 1

59821 Arnsberg / Wennigloh

Phone: 02935-965148

Fax: 02935-965150

Email [email protected]


More information:

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Puppy play lessons, early puppy training, young dogs, adult courses, obedience, dog dancing, dog frisbee, agility, young dog agility, trick training, clicker training, fitness walks, dog hikes

Speakers we work with: Dog Frisbee- Karin Actun / Dog Dancing: Denise Nardelli / Nicole Weber / Agility: Mona Grefenstein

Susanne`s dog school

Contact person: Susanne Nachtsheim

Paffrather Str. 40

51069 Cologne Dellbrück

Phone: 0221-681577

Mobile: 0160-97934064

More information:

Puppy play group, socialization, basic obedience, everyday situations, young dog training, preparation for the companion dog test

dogwarts – The very unmagical dog school

Maschke & Maschke GbR

Josephine plant 9

55252 Mainz-Kastel

Phone: 06134-230622

Mobile: 0173-8726992

Email: [email protected]


More information:

Pre-purchase advice at the breeder or in animal welfare.

Puppy imprinting hours.

Individual consultation between humans and dogs.

Clicker training, not just for dogs.

Adventure walks with a specific motto every first Sunday of the month (everyday exercises for dogs and humans, nose challenges, anti-hunting training, conflict management, getting used to / working in water, etc.).

Every third Sunday of the month dog hikes: leave a positive example in public in a dog group and enjoy the really beautiful and dog-compatible places in the Rhine-Main area.

Aachen’s Mobile Dog School AMH eK

Member of the Aachen Chamber of Commerce

52062 Aachen

Phone: 02405-452930

Email: [email protected]

More information:

Behavioral analysis, behavioral advice, problem solving on site, team courses, preparation for proof of competence, communication between humans and dogs, seminars

CBF-Dogs Hundefreu (n) de

Contact person: Claudia Filthaut

Raiffeisenstrasse 16

58638 Iserlohn

Phone: 02371-919861

Fax: 02371-919862

Email: [email protected]


Pinscher and Schnauzer Club 1895 e. V. Local group Cologne e. V.

Bremerhavenerstrasse 18

50735 Cologne

Phone: 02203-85026

Email: [email protected]


More information:

The Cologne local group of the Pinscher and Schnauzer Club 1895 e. V. is located on its own square in the north of Cologne. In addition to the care of pinschers and schnauzers, we offer an extensive program of puppy groups, basic training, obedience, tracking, VPG and agility for all breeds. The best thing to do is drop by us on Saturdays from 2:30 p.m. Directions are available on our website.

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Briard friends Germany

Spurkenbacherstr. 12

51545 Waldbröl

Telephone: 02291926246

Email: [email protected]

More information:

Everything about the Briard.

Dog association for Germany

Spurkenbacherstr. 12th

51545 Waldbröl

Telephone: 02291926248

Email: [email protected]

More information:

Breeders, breed supervisors, documents for breeding stud dogs

Longhair Shepherd Dog Association Germany eV (LSVD)

Huppichterother Strasse 34

51588 Nuembrecht

Phone: 02293-7102

Email: [email protected]


More information:

The long hair club! Everything about the long-haired German Shepherd. Exhibitions, get-togethers, hikes, puppy mediation (hobby breeding of this working dog by reputable breeders, ED and HD-free breeding animals with training ID, etc.) and more! Visit us, we look forward to seeing you!

Animals with no future e. V.

Bicherouxstrasse 95

52134 Herzogenrath

Phone: 02046-669400

Fax: 08191-9851950

Email: [email protected]


More information:

The association animals without a future e. V. takes care of old, disabled, sick or behavioral animals from home and abroad. It is our concern to help the “leftover” from the large number of unwanted 4 legs out of the dark and into the light …

IG Colorful dog round

Lönsstrasse 16

52445 Titz

Phone: 02463-905588

Email: [email protected]


More information:

Fun and activity with the dog. Joint hikes and walks, excursions and play units for the dogs, etc. No legal association, but a loose association of dog friends

IDG / IRJGV group Aachen

Carl-Alexander-Str. 64 d

52531 Übach-Palenberg

Phone: 02404/678916

Fax: 2404/678917

Email: [email protected]

More information:

We are the Aachen group of the second largest dog association in Germany. We offer puppy playgroups, certificate of competence and assistance dog training. We welcome all dogs, including so-called “problem and attack dogs”.

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Westiehilfe eV

Lisbon Street 5

53117 Bonn

Phone: 0228-672284

Email: [email protected]


More information:

We take care of Westies and Terriers in distress.

Upper floor Rhein-Ahr-Sinzig

In Elsgarten 3

53489 Sinzig

Phone: 0177-8277159

Email: [email protected]


More information:

We offer: puppy groups, education courses, agility, obedience, VPG

Rescue dog train ASB-Euskirchen

Vom Stein Strasse 15

53879 Euskirchen

Phone: 02251-702568

Email: [email protected]

Animal Welfare Association Santorini eV

Albert-Einstein-Str. 6th

55291 Saulheim

Phone: 06732-964064

Fax: 06732-964064

Email: [email protected]


More information:

The Tierschutzverein Santorini eV rescues dogs and cats from the Greek island of Santorini and places them in a loving home in Germany.

Cocker Rescue eV

Handle weir 13

57074 victories

Phone: 02737-501119

Email: [email protected]


More information:

The association places cockers and mixed breeds in need from domestic and foreign animal shelters. Also offers informative information about the breed.

Dogue de

Am Heller 3

57250 Netphen

Phone: 02737-3397

Fax: 02737-1736



More information:

We are lovers of Dogue de Bordeaux, who have made it our business to offer our breed and its owners an independent roof. A roof under which you feel comfortable and can enjoy many advantages. We look forward to you.

Dog school Tatzen-Treff

Contact person: Petra Krivy

To pit 2

57399 Kirchhundem

Phone: 0170-5570874

Fax: 02764-7706

Email: [email protected]


More information:

Puppy imprinting, young dog training, mixed groups, sport, children & dogs, behavioral advice, individual training, lectures, seminars, adventure weeks, and much more