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Dog clubs and dog schools in Germany ZIP-8

Postal code area -8

Dog school nimble paws

Contact person: Bettina Nevermann

Tomorrow 3

87549 Rettenberg

Phone: 0160-2358440

Email: [email protected]

mindful dogs

Contact person: Michaela Starke

87600 Kaufbeuren

Phone: 08341-4387547

Mobile: 0179-2508120

Email: [email protected]

More information:

I currently only work with clicker training for problem dogs and for general dog training. Non-violent, without leash, without training collars. Clicker training has an exclusively positive structure. I practice with my customers right there where it is necessary at reasonable prices.

Haberland dog school

– Dog education and training without penalties –

Contact person: Bernd Meyer-Haberland (Dipl.-Ing.FH)

Koenigsbergerstrasse 5

89407 Dillingen,

Phone: 09071-4212

Mobile: 0170-2186561

Email: [email protected]


More information:

We focus on the dog owner, whom we like with the gentle and

fair education of his favorite assistance and valuable

Give tips.

Susanne Artmann dog school

Quirn 2

83362 Surberg

Phone: 0861-2090777

Mobile: 0160-5505684

Fax: 0861-2090779

Email: [email protected]

More information:

The main focus of my dog ​​school is the education of family dogs. I work according to the non-violent training concept of animal learn on the basis of trust via positive reinforcement, the use of natural behavior, ritualization, food reward, praise and play. I deeply reject methods that cause pain, unsettling or frightening the dog. Another focus of my dog ​​school is the training of meaningful tasks for the dog, which utilize it appropriately and inspire people and dogs alike, be it retrieving (dummy training), tracking, searching for areas, identifying smells or learning various tricks.

Animals for People Munich eV

Weitlstrasse 145

80995 Munich

Phone: 089-99300354

Email: [email protected]

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More information:

We know that animals as companions or co-therapists can achieve incredible things. We are interested in “animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted education” and want to contribute to this with our work.

1. Dog sport club Vaterstetten eV

Böcklerweg 30

81825 Munich

Phone: 0175-8385256

Email: [email protected]


More information:

We have a group of puppies and young dogs and we do education courses. You can also get involved in companion dogs, agility, dog dancing and obedience with us.

ASB Oberbayern eV (Workers Samaritan Federation)

Jesenwanger Str. 20

82284 Grafrath

Phone: 08144-997335

Email: [email protected]

Bavarian Rassehunde Verband eV

Aiblinger Au 15b

83059 Kolbermoor

Phone: 08061-343988

Fax: 08061-343987

Email: [email protected]


More information:

With us, the dog counts, with or without a pedigree.

Hundefreunde Schierling e. V.

Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse 8

84069 hemlock

Phone: 09451-949216

Email: [email protected]


More information:

We carry out dog training for all dogs, according to the motto: “Dog training with heart and mind”. Training: puppy play hour (PST), young dog training, dog meeting, HFS dog driver license, advanced courses, the dog sports agility and obedience. Our training area 10,000 sqm) is located in front of Wahlsdorf (Markt Schierling). The course to acquire the HFS dog driving license takes place twice a year. Every year the highlight is the dog power party (dog show for all dogs) on the last Sunday in September. The venue is the Schierling-Süd leisure area. We are a non-profit association.

CaniFit – Partner Mensch & Hund e. V.

Von-Eberspeck-Strasse 5

85462 travel

Phone: 08122-2613

Fax: 08122-2613

Email: [email protected]

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More information:

Everything to do with dogs: puppy play days, training for young dogs, dog training courses, clicker training, agility, flyball, obedience and much more

German Dog Club e. V.

Gravel pit 1

86655 Harburg (Swabia)

Phone: 09080-967659

Fax: 09080-922322

Email: [email protected]

More information:

The DHC e. V. is affiliated to an international umbrella organization, the European Kennel Club. All entitlement cards from reputable dog clubs and associations are recognized. National championship certificates are issued, international certificates are issued by our umbrella organization. Breeders of all breeds according to the valid FCI standard as well as all dog lovers with their four-legged friends are very welcome. The DHC e. V. offers its members: its own stud book office, specialist lectures and exchange among like-minded people on the monthly club evening, exhibitions, training to become a breed warden and form judge, and much more ….. Have we aroused your interest? Yes? Then just contact us !!

Working Dog Association Germany

Angerstrasse 12

89340 Leipheim

Phone: 0178-2785021

Fax: 08221-367291

Email: [email protected]

More information:

The WDAG is an association of committed canine athletes from a wide variety of canine sport areas from all over Germany and neighboring Europe. Every dog ​​and dog handler is welcome, regardless of the breed or nationality of the dog. Our most active area is the dog triathlon for beginners and experienced people. The aim is to create a European platform where dogs and owners can meet in an informal manner, combine and enjoy fun and sport in the same way. We wish you and your four-legged friend a lot of fun and success at our events. Welcome to the WDAG family.

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Agency Pfötchen-Tierpsychologisches Zentrum Munich

Contact person: Daniela Keil

Dachauerstr. 7th

85764 Oberschleissheim

Phone: 08122-1799033

Phone: 0160-4098290

Email: [email protected]

The paw concept

Contact person: Anja Melzer

Eggelhof 2nd

86462 Langweid – Achsheim

Phone: 0176-21610731

Email: [email protected]