Dog clubs and schools in Austria

Dog clubs and schools in Switzerland

Dog clubs and schools in Austria


“per dog”

Teichstrasse 18th

4632 Pichl near Wels

Phone: 0043-7247-8326

Email: [email protected]


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Association “pro Hund” Edith Anna Kirchberger dog expert and editor of the Austrian dog magazine “pro Hund” WIFI trainer and expert lecturer of the association “pro Hund”

Austrian Association for German Shepherds, SVÖ Graz-Ost, OG 059, Dog School Graz Rieshang

Hirschengasse 16

8045 Graz

Phone: 0043-316-674994

Fax: 0043-316-674994

Email: [email protected]


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Courses: for all dogs with or without pedigree; Courses for puppies, young dogs, beginners, advanced learners; Refresher courses; Dog license; Popular sport; Training: as companion, tracking, working dog (formerly Schutzhund;) large course space; Seminars with Prof. Ekard Lind

Dog place ÖGV Imst Oberland

Karin Lugsteiner

Phone: 0043-541-262749

Email: [email protected]


ÖGV Graz area

Schlossstrasse 1

8062 Kumberg

Phone: 0043-650-3124390

Email: oegv-graz [email protected]

Internet: http://www.oegv-graz

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Dog club for all dogs

Dog school “dog whispering”

Contact person: Norbert Heinisch

Introductory path 21

5300 Hallwang near Salzburg

Phone: 0043-664-4613627

Email: [email protected]

Austrian Working Dog Sports Association Salzburg

Contact person: Michael Balak

Naumanngasse 19

A-5020 Salzburg

Phone: 0043-662-630741

Phone: 0043-664-3220350

Email: [email protected]

Liebenau dog school

Contact person: Peter Ihle


A-8041 Graz

Phone: 0043-316-775951

Email: [email protected]


1. Graz training, sports and breeding association for all dog breeds

Contact person: Josef Lang

Wittulaweg 40

A-8053 Graz

Phone: 0043-664-2529844

Email: [email protected]


ÖGV alcove

Contact person: Hermüller Franz

Kingdom of Heaven 2

A-4082 Aschach

Phone: 0043-676-9112373

Email: [email protected]

ÖGV Alt Mödling

Contact person: Jörgl Volker

Primelweg 6

A-2384 Breitenfurth

Phone: 0043-699-11899862

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Email: [email protected]

ÖGV Bad Vöslau

Contact person: Fietz Else

Kanalstrasse 6

A-2540 Bad Vöslau

Phone: 0043-676-7456434

Email: [email protected]

ÖGV Tulln

Contact person: Pasching Johann

Mountain trail 5

A-3424 Zeiselmauer

Email: [email protected]

ÖGV Wienerwald

Contact person: Wittig Helmut

Gaadener Strasse 187

A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Phone: 0043-1-8659466

Email: [email protected]