Dog driving license: examination, obligation and costs

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Dog driving license: examination, obligation and costs

Often the term dog license is not used clearly. So what exactly is a dog driving license? Is it compulsory to do one? How do you imagine the test for the dog driving license and what are the costs if I want to get the dog driving license? Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the dog driver’s license here.

What is a dog license?

The dog driving license is a proof for dog owners that certifies that the dog owner has his dog under control in everyday life so that it does not pose a danger to humans or other animals. However, the term is not used uniformly and is often used as a synonym for “character test” or “certificate of competence”. In some federal states, the dog driving license is also recognized as a certificate of competence.

What does the test for the dog driving license look like?

The test for the dog driving license contains a theoretical and a practical part. Because responsible dog ownership requires specialist knowledge. Only those who know about the dog’s needs, body language and natural behavior can actually “lead” it safely, qualified and ultimately animal-friendly. In the theoretical part, dog owners have to answer 30 to 40 questions about dog behavior, dog training and dog ownership. Those who have passed the theoretical part are admitted to the practical part. There, dog owners prove that they have their dog under control at all times and in every everyday situation. Tests are carried out by specially trained testers with proven qualifications. On the one hand they pay attention to how the dog behaves towards people and other animals, on the other hand they also evaluate the animal-friendly and forward-looking behavior of the dog owner. So the respective team and not the dog or dog owner is tested in detail.

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Many clubs and dog trainers also offer preparation courses for the dog driving license in order to train specific exercises and test situations.

Is the dog driving license compulsory?

In general, there is no nationwide obligation to obtain a dog driving license. In Bavaria, for example, the dog driving license is not compulsory, but many municipalities support it with tax breaks for dog tax. In Lower Saxony, a dog driver license is mandatory. In other federal states it is mandatory to provide a so-called certificate of competence for certain dogs. Depending on the dog laws and regulations in force in the respective federal state, the dog handler’s license can be recognized as proof of competence.

Who needs a dog license?

Since the dog driving license, unlike the certificate of competence, is not yet mandatory (except for Lower Saxony), everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to get the dog driving license or not.

Where can I get the dog driving license?

Official dog driving licenses are offered, for example, by the IBH (International Professional Association of Dog Trainers and Dog Entrepreneurs), VHD (Association for German Dogs), BHV (Professional Association of Dog Educators) and the Chamber of Veterinarians.

How much does a dog driving license cost?

Depending on where you get your dog driving license, the cost is around 80 to 130 euros for the two-part exam consisting of theory and practice.