Dog droppings left behind: fines and other consequences

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Dog droppings left behind: fines and other consequences

Most of them clean up after their dog responsibly and properly dispose of the full bag in the nearest trash can. Not everyone, however. Far too many dog ​​owners think it is a good idea to just leave the dog poop lying around – regardless of the fact that such behavior is punishable. And for good reason: Dog poop is more dangerous than most people think.

Legal situation regarding dog poop on the street

The fact is that in all federal states of Germany there is a fine if mistress or master leaves the dog poop in public places. In some places, a fine of up to 1,000 euros is payable for this. When dog owners let their dog use a children’s playground as a toilet, the authorities are particularly strict.

These fines should be expected in the federal states:

Baden-Württembergup to 250 eurosBavariaup to 350 eurosBerlinup to 300 eurosBrandenburgup to 500 eurosBremenup to 500 eurosHamburgup to 200 eurosHesseup to 180 eurosMecklenburg-Western Pomeraniaup to 1,000 eurosLower Saxonyup to 100 eurosNorth Rhine-Westphaliaup to 150 eurosRhineland-Palatinateup to 55 eurosSaarlandup to 40 eurosSaxonyup to 1,000 eurosSaxony-AnhaltThüringen up to 100 eurosSchleswig

These data are guidelines. Each federal state has set a maximum fine for abandoned dog poop. Each municipality decides for itself how high the penalty will ultimately be.

It gets particularly expensive in playgrounds. ©

Bad excuses

Despite the penalties, there are unfortunately dog ​​owners who avoid the unpopular disposal of “their” heaps. The dog tax is often used as a justification for leaving the pile lying around. After all, the approx. 40 to 100 € that you have to pay for your dog every year are also invested in the removal of its legacies, right?

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No, not. What the municipality uses the income from the dog tax is up to it. However, the money is in no way intended to be used to create dog trails or to clean the city of dog waste. The latter is solely the responsibility of the dog owner.

Dog poop belongs in the trash. ©

Why the heaps have to go

Dog poo lying around not only causes pollution, but also creates a lot of trouble. These mines are a nuisance, especially on public roads. The desperate attempt to smear the dirt in the grass after stepping in does not usually save the shoe.

But the misconception that dog poop simply dissolves in nature has far more serious consequences. Sheep, horse and cattle manure disintegrates without any problems, as very high temperatures arise when the manure rots. However, this is not the case with dog droppings: Dangerous bacteria such as salmonella or the eggs of tapeworms and roundworms remain in the excreta. Not only other animals, but also humans can then become infected and become ill – adults and children with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk.

But even in remote meadows and fields, a small pile can do a big thing: If the dog relieves itself in the grass, potential cow feed can be contaminated with the Neospora caninum parasite. The protozoan causes miscarriages in cattle. Not only to protect others, but also to protect our dogs and ourselves, the piles must finally disappear from the streets and meadows. And only one person is responsible for this: the dog owner.

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Whether city or country – the little pile has to go. © H.