Dog food for carnivores

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Dog food for carnivores

Allergy risk cereals

A dog that has not had any problems with its food and always proves to be physically healthy is still not completely safe from allergies. In sensitive dogs, the risk of developing an allergy is even higher because the digestive system reacts very sensitively to unfamiliar and unsuitable ingredients. Such dogs and their owners will not be happy with ordinary dog ​​food that contains a certain amount of carbohydrates. The symptoms of a feed allergy can then show up after a short time. If the dog scratches itself frequently, if it has diarrhea or if it looks generally knocked out, owners should always keep an eye on the possibility of an allergy and ask the vet for help.

In many cases where a dog shows allergy symptoms, the grain in the daily feed is the cause of the problem. In order to be able to live healthy and unencumbered, the dog primarily needs animal proteins and fats and, depending on its sensitivity, reacts sensitively to everything that has nothing to do with it. Similar to the gluten intolerance in humans, the grain-containing food has a very strong effect on the general condition and takes away the dog’s zest for life. Veterinarians often advise buying grain-free feed.

Choosing the right feed

In order for a dog – regardless of whether it is sensitive or robust – to be able to live happily, it needs a needs-based diet. This is a completely new task for many dog ​​owners, because they often give little thought to the composition of feed. However, since the dog has a very high priority as a pet within the family, most owners are immediately ready to change their daily dog ​​nutrition.

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Here, quality is particularly important, because only really high-quality food provides the dog with the nutrients it needs to live. A well-balanced dog food is basically free of substances that are not good for the dog’s body. A look at the ingredients reveals a lot about quality and suitability. Things that dog food shouldn’t contain if possible are:

• Milk

• Corn

• wheat

• Sugar

• soy

In addition, the quality of the meat contained is very important, because manufacturers of particularly cheap animal feed often use waste that can hardly demonstrate any biological value. Therefore, the manufacturer of Josera dog food promises the use of meat that can also be consumed by humans. Dog food that does not contain grain and corn must still provide the dog with a rich source of carbohydrates. Manufacturers often rely on potatoes here, because these can also be easily metabolized in the dog’s body without increasing the risk of allergies.

Barfen as an alternative

In addition to conventional ready-made food, dog owners are increasingly relying on a completely different method. “Barf is based on feeding raw meat from beef, chicken, sheep, horse, duck, rabbit and other animals. Offal, bones and cartilage are fed. The barf ration is supplemented with carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, oils, nuts and Herbs. ” (Source: The preparation of the food is fresh every day, because raw meat should not even be used for feeding dogs staying in the air for too long. The raw meat is enriched with additives such as vitamin powders or nutrient combinations so that the dog receives full meals at the end of the preparation. These are of course very easy for the dog owner to check for their ingredients, because the mixture takes place in the home kitchen. The meat that is used for barfing can be purchased fresh from the butcher as well as frozen from specialist shops.

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However, the barf method is controversial among experts. While some are completely convinced of this diet, others criticize the risk of a possible undersupply of nutrients. Dog owners are also often warned that the raw meat may not be completely germ-free. For this reason, sensitive people and high-risk patients such as pregnant women should not prepare the raw meat themselves. Strict kitchen hygiene is also essential so that dog and owner stay healthy over the long term.

Ultimately, barfen is indeed an alternative to high-quality dog ​​food, but it has some pitfalls that inexperienced dog owners in particular are rather ignorant of. Barfing is also very time-consuming, which is why not every owner can and wants to afford this luxury. High-quality dog ​​food, which is composed of a sensible nutrient composition and a gentle and nutrient-preserving preparation, is then certainly the better alternative.

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