Dog owners kiss the dog more often than their partner

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Dog owners kiss the dog more often than their partner

We love our dogs. And we want to show you that too! But it is often said that dogs can transmit life-threatening diseases to humans through their kisses.

Study results: That’s how popular dog kisses are

According to an online survey by a US-American feed manufacturer for organic dog food, 52% of the surveyed dog owners kiss their dog more often than their partner.

Already knew? As Swiss scientists have found, dog fur is often cleaner than many men’s beards! So it’s no wonder that dog kisses are often more popular!

Our love for dogs sometimes goes so far that we cannot spend the nights without them. Also 52% of the dog owners stated in the online study that they would rather have their dog in bed than their partner!

Are you surprised? The study participants gave a very plausible explanation for this: Our dog is one of our best friends. At least 94% of those surveyed describe their four-legged friend that way. So it’s no wonder that we shower the dog with so much affection. Because he should know that he is something very special to us.

Are dog kisses healthy or dangerous?

The dog kiss is very controversial. Some consider him very dangerous, others think he is even healthy. Because scientists in the USA believe that dog kisses even have a positive effect on our health. They assume that the damp dog’s snout in the human body stimulates the growth of benign microorganisms and thus promotes our health and resistance.

However, this has not yet been proven. What is certain, however, is that children who grow up with dogs suffer less from respiratory diseases and allergies.

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Is a dog kiss healthy or dangerous? The answer: Both are possible! ©

On the other hand, it is said again and again that dog kisses can be dangerous and even life-threatening, as the dog can transmit bacteria and pathogens if he licks the owner over the face.

Even if it is unlikely that a dog kiss will make you seriously ill, it cannot be ruled out. You should avoid a dog kiss in the following situations (regardless of whether you are kissing the dog on the fur or the dog is kissing you with its snout):

  • if you are already sick
  • if you have an immunodeficiency
  • if the dog is not vaccinated or dewormed
  • when the dog is sick
  • if you are pregnant
  • if your dog has sniffed dead animals or feces while walking

You should also be careful with children. Therefore, always take your dog’s care seriously, make sure that he has no parasites such as ticks, fleas or mites before you let him sleep in bed and be aware that a dog kiss can also be dangerous.