Adventure playgrounds for humans and dogs
Good ideas for bad weather

Dog playground in the garden

Enjoyment together in the garden

Play hide and seek with your dog in your own garden by hiding behind bushes and trees. Or you can let your dog find treats on display. With the latter, it is advisable to teach your four-legged friend to only eat nutritious food when prompted. Should he find something poisoned outside the garden, it can be life-saving. Throwing games of all kinds are also very popular: special flying Frisbee discs or balls encourage rapid sprinting.

The towel becomes prey

If normal ball throwing becomes boring, the “fishing game” is a fun alternative. You need a stick about 2 m long to which a shorter string is attached with an old, discarded towel. If you pull the fishing rod across the ground and through the air in jagged, quick movements, Bello has a lot of fun tracking the “wriggling” prey at the end of the line.

Paddling pool for the dog

Water rats look forward to a paddling pool. Use either a children’s pool or a pond insert made of hard plastic and only fill the pool so deep that your barking water warden can still stand in it. For smaller dogs, a flat plastic tub is often sufficient. Secure the slippery floor with a rubber bath or shower tray insert.

Agility in the living room

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