Dog runaway: how to act right now

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Dog runaway: how to act right now

A nightmare for every dog ​​owner: the dog ran away while walking. Nevertheless, you should urgently remain calm. If the dog is out of sight, you should wait at least a quarter of an hour in the same place and call for him.

If he comes running back to you, you should give him plenty of praise. Scolding would be counterproductive now – he would link that to his return and not come back so quickly next time. If your dog does not return after about 15 minutes, there are many different measures you can take now.

Immediate action if the dog has run away

If your dog has not come back to you, you should widen the search. Leave a piece of clothing where your dog ran away. So he can continue to smell your smell You should always come back to this place to check whether your dog has found its way back.

Switch on other people

It can also help to ask other people in the area, such as walkers or local residents, if you’ve seen your dog. Social media can also be helpful in finding a missing dog.

It can help to get in touch with the place your dog is registered with. Include where and when your dog ran away. If your dog is found and handed in to the police or the vet, its ID will be checked with the aid of the chip and forwarded to the registration office. She then already knows about the loss of the dog.

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Social media can help with the search. © / lzf

Don’t scare the dog away

If you discover your dog, you must not run towards him. Stray dogs are fearful and often frightened of their own owner. So that your dog does not run away in panic, you should lure him with a lot of patience.

So the dog stays with you

Dog owners can prevent your dog from running away during the walk. This also means that the dog can be called up at any time. You should therefore call him regularly when you walk and reward him for it.

Keep your dog busy and don’t let other animals distract him. A ball is usually great for this, or you hide a toy that it has to look for. Think about the reward.

While walking, observe your dog’s body language and the surroundings. Develop a flair for recognizing potential risks earlier than your dog can in order to avoid them. This will reduce the risk of your dog running away while walking.