Dog surgery or health insurance – useful or superfluous luxury?

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Dog surgery or health insurance – useful or superfluous luxury?

Dog surgery or health insurance – useful or superfluous luxury?

When does dog health insurance pay off, when does dog surgery insurance pay off? Which services are included? Are there differentiations according to dog breeds or age of the dog in the contributions? Is there a deductible? How is the assumption of costs regulated in the event of a claim? You should clarify these and other questions before choosing an insurance policy.

Everyone wants their dog to be healthy and, above all, to stay healthy – you can influence the health of your four-legged friend in many ways, such as nutrition, exercise and care as well as good veterinary care. But: illnesses and accidents come suddenly, and they always come at the wrong time. The beloved dog suddenly lies there and has to go to the clinic as quickly as possible. Emergency surgery at the veterinary clinic is required to save his life. But what if the household budget is empty?

Surgery or health insurance?

So that you can devote yourself fully to the care of your four-legged friend, it is worth taking out dog surgery insurance – this way you are optimally protected in the event of a surgical procedure. However, if lengthy follow-up treatment is required or a chronic illness occurs, dog health insurance offers protection – a sensible preventive measure that covers almost all outpatient and inpatient treatments – including the cost of the prescribed medication. Uelzener Versicherungen also subsidize vaccinations, wormer cures, treatments for ectoparasites and tartar treatments with a total contribution of up to € 100 per year as part of the dog health insurance.

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In the event of illness – many costs!

In the case of a complicated break, such as B. a difficult forearm fracture, the costs for diagnostics, surgery and follow-up treatment can quickly run up to € 3,000. In the case of a tumor disease, for example, it is often necessary to carry out a CT or MRT examination in addition to X-rays and a biopsy as part of the diagnosis if metastases are suspected. The elaborate diagnosis, the subsequent operation and also the follow-up treatment can cost a total of up to € 4,000. How good when you can then concentrate fully on caring for your favorite without having to worry about the costs.

A case for the Uelzener!

The benefits in the dog surgery or health insurance of Uelzener Versicherungen offer animal protection and cover up to 100% of the reimbursable expenses up to twice the GOT rate regardless of the tariff – provided the insurance was taken out before the 5th birthday. In addition, there is no limit to the total costs or the number of operations per year at Uelzener Insurance. Also no age limit for admission. In addition, all dog breeds from the beginning of the 3rd month of life are welcome. With this good feeling of security, you can enjoy the good time with your dog even more carefree. More information about dog surgery and health insurance at

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