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The history of the emergence of the Dogo Argentino dog breed is always associated with a man named Antonio Nores Martinez. It was he who for the first time, at the beginning of the 20th century (1920s), began to breed strong, large dogs with a fighting character by the method of selection.

Martinez’s dream was to create a breed that could represent his home country on the world stage. After 100 years, it’s safe to say that he did it. In fact, the Dogo Argentino breed, or, as it is also called, the Argentine Mastiff, is a descendant of the now extinct dog Cordoba.

When Martinez was just starting his work, he had to face innate aggression, and, despite all efforts, he could not eliminate or even significantly reduce this quality. Changes occurred, but they were not enough to change the character of the breed, which is why the Dogo Argentino breed was often used in clandestine dog fights. Such a trend exists today, as a result, he gained the notoriety of an aggressive dog. In the 1990s, the breed was banned in many countries, as were some other fighting dog breeds such as the Fila Brasileiro and the Tosa Inu.

However, the successes that Martinez managed to achieve allowed the dog to work in a pack, and the instinct of a fearless and ruthless fighter was somewhat transformed into a hunting one. Thus, the modern breed Dogo Argentino officially refers to a hunting breed rather than a fighting one, although in fact aggression and a fighter’s instinct take place.


Dogo Argentino is a powerful, strong breed with a lot of energy. Since the temperament of these dogs has its own characteristics, their education is often difficult, and therefore, it requires an experienced, strong-willed owner. If you have no experience with such dogs, or if you have never had a dog before, it is better to choose another breed.

These animals really have hidden aggression, and therefore, the task of each owner is to direct this quality in the right direction. It is surprising that a well-mannered dogo argentino, in the bosom of his family, is an amazingly loyal animal, affectionate and open. Moreover, if they recognize the master in you, they will obey, try to please, and in general they will see you as a supreme living being, who should be obeyed.

These dogs need a lot of exercise, they love games, walks and take training very well. If there is nowhere to put the energy, then aggressive character traits will prevail – the dog’s character will begin to deteriorate, it will become irritable, and in your absence, you can be sure, it will arrange a real hell at home. Moreover, the Dogo Argentino breed will not only tear your favorite slippers – these pets are powerful and destructive, and therefore pieces of furniture and door frames may have to be changed.

In relation to other animals and strangers, the principle applies – caution and readiness by default. If your dog has made friends with another dog, they will play and walk together, this is normal, but if a conflict situation with another dog suddenly arises, you need to immediately grab your pet by the collar. Since there will be no mercy, as well as retreat. It’s the same with conflicting people.

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The dog treats children normally, if they are family members, but if a child of your friends wants to play with your dog, you better be around. It is better not to leave the Argentinean mastiff alone for a long time.

This breed is well suited for protection and protection, however, these dogs cannot live on the street all year round in our latitudes. This is a wonderful companion, loyal friend, and reliable protector, there is no doubt about it. If you live in a private house, you definitely need a strong high fence, deeply dug into the ground, or even better – located on a concrete base. After all, the Dogo Argentino will definitely try to dig a hole.


As we mentioned above, the Dogo Argentino breed is quite difficult for training and education. Firstly, this is facilitated by a certain internal independence and strong character, and secondly, it is sometimes not easy to overcome the internal aggression of these animals.

First of all, you need to establish yourself in the role of the owner, for which there are several main rules. Firstly, do not lose your temper over trifles – let the dog see you as a fair, consistent owner, who can be strict, but only when needed. Next, make it clear to your pet that all the most important things in his life are with you – you are their keeper and undivided owner.

If the dog is guilty, does not obey you, or has been behaving badly recently, you can postpone the meal a little, which usually always happens on schedule. The dog will ask you, but do not give up immediately, wait half an hour, maximum an hour. It is the same with walks.

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In the process of training, remain patient and confident, do not resort to physical punishment for minor offenses, this will only spoil the character of the animal and reduce the effectiveness of the punishment to nothing.


Dog breed Argentino has short hair and does not need special care and frequent combing – once a week is enough. Clean deposits from your pet’s eyes daily, clean ears 2-3 times a week, and trim nails once every 10 days. Bathe your dog once a week or more.

Common diseases

The Dogo Argentino breed is in good health and does not usually need frequent visits to the veterinarian. But there is still a tendency to some diseases, including:

  • Deafness – About 10 percent of dogs of this breed are deaf in one or two ears. This is called pigment deafness and occurs in other predominantly white dogs, including Dalmatians, White Boxers, and White Bull Terriers;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • glaucoma;
  • laryngeal paralysis;
  • dysplasia of the hip joint.

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