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Epileptic seizures in dogs

Dogs and foreign bodies

Who gets sick?

Dogs often injure themselves when playing with pointed sticks: When caught, one end spikes into the ground and the other into the dog’s throat. Occasionally, a foreign body can become wedged between the teeth or in the throat.

How do you recognize it?

The dog suddenly loses interest in the game, salivates heavily and may bleed from the mouth. The dog tries to remove wedged foreign bodies by constantly wiping with his paw.

What should I do?

If the foreign body is stuck between your teeth, you can carefully remove it. But expect the dog to bite you. In the case of deeper injuries, especially bleeding injuries, the dog must go to the vet.

How can you prevent?

Thick or rotten sticks that break easily are better for playing with than thin, hard, pointed wood. You can also use exercises to ensure that you can grab your dog in the mouth at any time.

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