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Drug detection dog

Special training for drug detection dogs

A drug detection dog, also known as a drug detection dog and addictive substance detection dog, is a dog that has usually first undergone protection dog training and has also been trained to detect drugs. These animals are typically used by the police and customs.

During training, people make use of the animals’ good sense of smell and great play instinct. The principle is very simple: the dog’s favorite toy is prepared with different drug smells. First of all, the dog is allowed to play undisturbed so that the individual smells are familiar to him. Then the toy is hidden, the dog has to look for it and show his dog handler the hiding place. In this way, the dog learns to show where it smells of drugs within a relatively short period of time.

Training on the basis of fragrances

Drug search dogs are mostly trained on the basic substances of cocaine, heroin, cannabis and amphetamines, which are mostly imperceptible to humans. Of course, the dog handlers make sure that their dogs never come into contact with the real drugs, because these are at least as harmful to animals as they are to humans, heroin or cocaine can be fatal for a dog even in small quantities.

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