National and international poison emergency call
Emergency addresses Germany ZIP-7

Emergency cards

Included in the set

Our emergency cards for dogs included a profile that you can hang up in the vicinity of your apartment when you have moved and would like to introduce your dog to your new neighbor.

Also included is a flyer in case your pet goes missing.

In the event that something should happen to you, the set includes a dog emergency card. All you need to do is cut it out, bend it at the break, glue it together and fill it in. Insert the card into your health insurance’s check card. Should you have an accident or collapse unconscious, it will surely be found and your animal will not be left unsupervised. The set of small stop signs that you put on cardboard, cover with foil and attach to the apartment door is there so that helpers know immediately that there are animals to be saved in your home.

How to get the emergency cards

Here you can download the complete set of emergency cards. PDF file emergency card set

You can also request our security set with printed emergency cards for your wallet in return for a stamped A4 envelope (€ 1.44) and a nominal charge of € 5 from:

“A heart for animals”

Password: emergency cards

P.O. Box 400529

80705 Munich

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