English Toy Terrier (Toy Terrier)

Common diseases

The Toy Terrier breed can have several health problems, namely:

  • Localized dislocation of the patella: Also known as “pinched knees”, this is a common problem in small dogs.
  • Retinal dysplasia is most often a congenital hereditary disease. This means the dog is born with it and is passed on by the parents, but it can also be the result of trauma, intrauterine herpesvirus, or parvovirus infection.
  • Open fontanelle – English toy spaniels are born with a soft spot on the top of their head. It usually closes like a newborn baby, but sometimes not completely. It is important to understand that an accidental blow to this spot on the head can kill an English Toy Spaniel with such an open fontanel.
  • Fused toes are a common feature of the English Toy Spaniel and are not associated with any disease or disorder.
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