Entlebucher Mountain Dog

general characteristics

Entlebucher Sennenhund, according to one of the legends, is a descendant of the Roman Molossian Great Danes, but it is not possible to verify the reliability of the legend. For the first time this breed of dogs was described in 1889, then it was called Entlibuherhund, the next quarter of a century the breed was not given due attention, and only in 1913 several representatives of this small mountain shepherd dog were shown to Professor Albert Heim, a connoisseur of herding dogs. With his assistance, judging was carried out, and according to the reports of the judges, the animals were registered in the Swiss Studbook as the fourth breed of mountain herding dogs, but the first breed standard for the Entlebucher Mountain Dog appeared only 14 years later – in 1927. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is an energetic and agile dog, with proper education, it grows up as an excellent nanny for children, a companion, ready to protect the owner and his family members until the last heartbeat. The Entlebucher Sennenhund’s caution is in the blood – even a puppy will never take food from a stranger’s hands, but dogs have the most tender feelings for household members, allowing them to stroke, and to crumple the ears to babies, play active games with pleasure. Entlebucher Mountain Dog to old age remains young at heart. The lively eyes of a pet demonstrate curiosity and boundless desire for new knowledge, he is happy to travel and outings to nature.


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Breed characteristics

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– Understanding and intelligent
– Charming and cute
– Playful and friendly


Height: 47-52 cm
Age: about 10 years old
Weight: 29-35 kg

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is an absolutely non-conflict dog breed, self-sufficient and playful. If he grows up with puppies of other breeds, he maintains friendly relations with them for life. Experiencing tender feelings for household members, but at the same time wary of strangers.


The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a wonderful companion dog who will happily tinker with the little ones, protecting them. He will walk with delight along the river bank, making a morning exercise with the owner.

Hair care

Rarely brushing the smooth coat with a brush, occasional cleaning of the ears – that is, perhaps, the whole care of the dog. Dogs need to be washed as needed, but the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is great for water treatments.

Conditions of detention

Entlebucher Mountain Dog prefers to live in heated premises, but to walk as much as he pleases. In urban conditions, he feels comfortable with sufficient physical exertion.


He loves to walk, knows how to occupy himself during a walk, but will gladly accept the invitation of the owner to play together. Without daily walks, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog quickly loses its good physical shape, rounds and becomes lazy.

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