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Epileptic seizures in dogs

How do you recognize it?

The dog becomes restless and seeks close contact with his caregiver. Without further notice, he falls on his side and twitches his legs strongly. He rolls his eyes and can pass feces and urine. After a few minutes, the attack is usually over. A short time later the dog is fit again and demands food and water. If the seizure lasts longer than 2 minutes, you should immediately see the veterinarian with the dog.

What should I do?

Make room for the dog and try not to touch it. Talk to him well. Make a note of the date and duration of the emergency for the veterinarian. Let him clarify the causes with a laboratory test. However, the brain itself is often responsible. If the seizures are too long and too frequent, your vet will recommend that you use an epilepsy drug.

How can you prevent?

In general, no prevention is possible. However, you should take into account that stress and changes in the daily routine can lead to seizures in susceptible dogs. However, medication can make many dogs less susceptible.

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