Escalator, elevator & platform with dog

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Escalator, elevator & platform with dog

An adaptable animal to get used to

City life is not as nice for a dog as it is in the country, but it is possible. Dogs are incredibly adaptable creatures who quickly learn to deal with new situations and challenges. You can therefore rest assured that your dog will very quickly regard lifts, suburban trains, buses, etc. as “normal” – provided that they do not associate a traumatic experience with them. Then you need the help of a dog professional to take the dog’s fears away.

Train with the puppy

The easiest thing to do is to get puppies used to new things. Just take the little one with you as early as possible. When you get on the elevator just pretend it isn’t anything special. Your dog will look at you questioningly, find that there is nothing to be alarmed about and accept the elevator. You do the same in the S-Bahn or the bus. Just make sure that your dog is not accidentally kicked by other passengers or alternatively groped by everyone. As I said, he should learn that nothing special happens here. It works the same way with adult dogs. The second-hand dog may not yet know you well enough or no longer trust people 100 percent, so you should get it used to the object in even smaller steps, e.g. first just go to the platform a few times and take the S- “Show” lanes before you actually get on one.

Escalators are taboo

Please refrain from teaching your dog how to use escalators. Firstly, dogs are mostly not allowed here at all (or only on the owner’s arm / in a transport bag) and secondly, the risk of injury from the lowering steps is simply too high. It is also not necessary for your dog to be able to do this: stairs or lifts are always offered as alternatives. The following applies to all exercise units: always start with small doses and increase slowly. This is the quickest way to achieve success in the end.

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