Eurasier is a dog breed bred in Germany by a small group of enthusiasts. It all started with the fact that two friends – dog lovers, decided to create a new breed in order to highlight the best qualities of Wolfspitz and Chow Chow dogs. They attracted several like-minded people, and in 1960 their breeding program started.

Chow-chow and wolf-spitz were crossed, respectively, and the resulting breed was first named “wolf-chow”. The changes that led to the change in the name of the breed and the name of the breed took place in 1973. Then it was decided to add the Samoyed to the already existing breed.

After the first specimens were obtained, and the experiment was considered successful, the name was changed to “Eurasier” – it exists to this day. Currently exist. Currently, there are a number of unscrupulous breeders who give out the dogs obtained from the crossing of Keeshond and Chow-Chow as Eurasier. However, every purebred Eurasier, as a rule, is certified by the International Federation of Eurasian Breeding (IFEZ). It also includes three German breed clubs.


The Eurasier breed is a medium-sized, large-built, muscular, balanced dog. The limbs are of medium length, the head is round, the ears are erect. The coat is of medium length, longer on the neck, the tail is medium, curled up.


Eurasier has a very kind, sweet and sympathetic character, which is confirmed by the reviews of the owners. One of the most famous owners of this breed, Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz, notes that his dog is the kindest creature he knows, and the character of this dog is the best of all other dogs that he has ever known.

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The breed is very attached to its owner and family, and feels melancholy with prolonged separation from them. In relation to all surrounding human beings, regardless of whether it is a familiar or unfamiliar person, the Eurasier does not show aggression or any negativity.

The attitude is generally friendly and open, although if the person is unfamiliar, some detachment is still present. It is an ideal family, domestic dog that perfectly adapts to different living conditions, has a very harmonious character and does not cause any problems.

The only thing the owner should think about is the quality and proper care of the dog, as well as the need to ensure the proper level of physical and mental activity. In other words, you should take care of your pet, not leaving everything to chance, simply because the dog has a harmonious character and rarely shows his displeasure.

High intelligence requires food for the mind, fortunately, in training you will not experience difficulties and the dog will be happy to do this useful business with you in all respects. It cannot be said that the Eurasier breed had a high energy level, but it also cannot be called low. Taking an hour a day for walks will be enough.

Also, try to make the walks and the training process varied, interesting, because the inquisitive and inquisitive mind of the animal is to some extent similar to the human one, and also needs new impressions and emotions. Socialization also helps here – meeting new people, with other dogs, smells and sounds.

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Common diseases

The Eurasier, like other breeds, is prone to certain diseases. When starting this dog, you can meet:

  • distichiasis;
  • ectropion;
  • entropion;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • hypothyroidism.

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