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Play dogs stand on the ball box!

DiscDogging is both: man and dog, disc throwing technology and control. That’s what makes this sport so interesting. But: a dog on the drive does not look down when it jumps. Nor does he know how high he is currently flying. He’s only interested in one thing: to get the flying plastic thing. Without regard to losses. And that’s why “humans” have to think for their dog in this sport. Hook number two: the dog won’t catch the disc. Or don’t bring them back. Or, or, or. In any case, it looked very different in the show ring. To get this under control, the dog initially only plays on a leash! The leash is a valuable aid when handling a dog that tends to run away with its toys. But even a very excited dog can be braked more easily with the help of a leash. If you do not want to learn the perfect throwing technique in a club, you can also practice on your own: It is sufficient to set up a small course with goals that you have to hit with the Frisbee. However, this can take a long time …

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