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Fun and team work in the garden

Goalkeeping game for everyone

The goal wall game, for example, is fun for retriever fans: You are standing on a boundary line opposite a goal wall, your dog is sitting next to you. Now try to throw a tennis ball through a hole in the wall. You have five attempts. Each hit gives one point. There are additional points if your dog brings you the ball again if you wish. On the other hand, there are penalty points as soon as Bello gets up without being asked.

Egg run with the dog

Or try an egg run. Mark out a slalom course with around five (ski) sticks. A team stands at the start or finish line, the person holds a spoon with a plastic egg in his right hand, and a leash with a dog that is supposed to sit in his left hand. Then the biped tries to master the slalom with egg and dog (on foot) as quickly as possible – the time is stopped; At the end of the route, the team turns around and runs the slalom back to the start or finish line. If the egg falls off the spoon, there is a penalty point.

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Fun and team work in the garden

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