Gampr (Armenian wolfhound)


Gampr is an Armenian dog breed with deep historical roots. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that these pets are not recognized in the world as a separate breed, as they belong to the Landrace type. However, there are breed clubs not only in their homeland, in Armenia, but even in the USA.

It is impossible to indicate even an approximate time intervals during which the breed was formed and developed, but people have known these dogs for a very long time. They have entered local legends, fairy tales, and other folklore. There are two varieties of the Gampr breed.

The first are purely guard dogs, they do not like long travel, are very territorial, more socialized and have excellent innate guarding instincts. If the territory of the site is not fenced off, they will most likely try to “seize the nearby lands” (other people’s plots), like medieval princes. They also have a more boxy build.

The latter, on the contrary, do not like to sit all day in one place (in one area – a strictly delineated own territory), are less socialized. They are excellent shepherds and livestock guards. This variety has a slightly smaller size, a high level of energy and is more capable of making independent decisions.

For several hundred years, Armenia waged wars with various invaders, and the guard dogs were partially exterminated, partially taken away, in a word, their number was gradually decreasing. Gamprov were also exported to the central part of the USSR, in particular, in the Krasnaya Zvezda kennel there was a separate breeding program for these dogs.

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Today, there is a mixture of the original breed of Gampr and other Caucasian breeds, in particular, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and others. Many breeders see this as a problem and they are certainly right. It is worth mentioning that throughout its history, gampr interbred with wolves, moreover, this practice continues today, in the distant regions of the country and to a lesser extent.


Gampr is a big and very strong dog. The chest is voluminous, wide, the back is wide, straight. The legs are longer than the middle, the hind legs are longer than the front. The head is round, the ears are drooping. The tail is long, usually curled up, the coat is of medium length.


The Gampr breed is a brave, incredibly loyal and intelligent dog. Over the long centuries of their existence, these pets have developed excellent instincts and valuable qualities, learned to understand a person perfectly, to protect their family and property even at the cost of their own lives.

Words – devotion to the owner, in this case have a very special meaning. The fact is that the high intelligence, territoriality and responsibility of this breed, as well as herd instincts, contribute to the fact that the dog really feels like a member of the family. Moreover, she feels like a real protector, a warrior, a hero, so to speak. And in the bosom of their families, these animals really flourish if they feel kindness and care.

Accordingly, the gampr is sensitive to injustice and cruel, mistreatment, he can be indignant and show stubbornness if the owner offends the dog and unjustly punishes him. Shouts or reprimands from strangers are either ignored or received with hostility.

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The attitude towards children and their families is gentle, caring, even reverent. Although, too young children, up to 4 years old, making a lot of noise, can negatively affect the psyche of the animal, especially the puppy. Early socialization, getting to know other people, other dogs, situations and places is highly recommended. If a dog lives in the same house with his owner, he develops an incredibly strong relationship, and in his long absence he will yearn.

The attitude towards strangers is wary, if a person behaves defiantly or shows negative, the dog will instantly defend itself. In terms of learning, rather the formation of character and obedience is required, since the protective instincts are themselves. But – they can always be developed, because the dog can learn many commands. The main thing is to be a friend and a fair leader of the pack for him.

Common diseases

These are very strong and healthy dogs that practically do not get sick. Hip dysplasia and eye problems are possible.

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