Giant Schnauzer

general characteristics

The Giant Schnauzer combines intelligence, firm character, courage and at the same time deep devotion to the owner. Strength and endurance allow Giant Schnauzers to easily withstand serious work, but much more willingly they will participate in a fun game with the owner or go for a walk with him. A playful and cheerful dog will be happy to please his family, but with strangers he is alert, sometimes aggressive and will always defend his loved ones. The friendly and calm Giant Schnauzer becomes an unstoppable dictator when pissed off. However, it is easy to train, which must be started at an early age.


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Breed characteristics:
– Strong instinct for protection
– Seeks to participate in all family affairs
– Smart and hardworking

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Height: 59-70 cm
Age: 11-12 years old
Weight: 32-35 kg


It is advisable to give all the love to him alone, without creating reasons for jealousy.


The Giant Schnauzer is an intelligent and powerful dog, it will be glad to have a strong and confident owner who will not spare the time to train it.

Hair care

The coarse coat of these dogs requires professional grooming at least twice a year. And twice a week it needs to be brushed and combed.

Conditions of detention

The Giant Schnauzer can live in the city. However, to make it comfortable for you to share a cramped apartment with him, the pet must be patiently trained.


Despite its impressive size, this dog breed does not need a lot of physical activity. It is better to devote time to communicating with your pet training, sports and games.

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